Understanding Wine Styles

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This module will introduce students to the key wine producing regions of the world, to their individual characteristics and to their differences. By the end of the module students will be able to recall and identify the practices influencing the principal wines of the world.

This module will include:

  • The key wine producing regions of the world.
  • The effect of key factors influencing the style, quality and price of the wines produced, including location, soil, climate and viticultural and vinification practice.
  • The legal requirements for the labelling of still, sparkling and fortified wines.
    How to taste and assess the quality of principal wines styles.

The outcomes of this module:

  • Display a knowledge and understanding of the principal wines of the world.
  • Identify the key factors influencing the production of the principal wines of the world and explain how these factors influence their style, quality and price.
  • Describe accurately the organoleptic characteristics of the principal wines of the world.

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Dates & Location

Friday 13th September 2024 - Friday 17th January 2025

13:15 - 16:00


This course is delivered at Plumpton College one half day per week.

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