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In recent decades the importance of living soil has been increasingly widely recognised. Many growers, horticulturists and groundsmen are beginning to see the benefits of increasing soil organic matter and improving soil life. Benefits include: improved fertility, plant health and resilience, drainage and moisture retention. Lower input costs and labour requirements. In addition, soil is a key carbon sink.

This short course will provide participants with an understanding of the importance of living soil to their organisation and business. It will give an overview on the benefits of soil organic matter and its contribution to soil health. During the course we will sample soil and learn of tools which can be used onsite and using basic lab equipment to monitor soil health. Participants will leave with a toolbox of strategies to improve soil organic matter and soil life.

Morning interactive presentation with case studies:

  • Importance of soil organic matter and soil life
  • Soil microbial life - recognising the main players
  • Sampling and assessing soil health using a variety of tools


  • Lab work observing soil life under microscope
  • Discussion: strategies to improve soil organic matter and soil life: compost, compost teas, mulch, green manures, chop and drop, ramial woodchip, biochar

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1 day workshop

10:00 - 15:00



Lunch included.

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