Beginner's Guide to Lamb Butchery

1 Day Workshop

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Get to know where your cuts of meat come from in this fantastic comprehensive butchery one day workshop.

This is an exciting opportunity to see the nose to tail process and the art of butchery within our impressive butchery facility at Plumpton college.

During the course of the day you will learn how to breakdown a lamb carcase into all its joints and cuts, including how to cut and prepare your perfect chop and a boned & rolled joint for a Sunday roast. You'll then get the opportunity to cook and sample your meat.

Gain knowledge about the anatomy of a lamb and which cuts come from where and the best cooking methods for which parts of the animal. At Plumpton College, we can be proud about the provenance of our meat, and you will be able to see this first hand and learn a few butchery skills along the way.

Skills covered during this workshop:

·         Farm to fork

·         Products that can be created from a whole lamb

·         Portion control

Course details

Dates & Location

Tuesday 25th June 2024

New AgriFood Centre at Plumpton College


9:00 - 16:00




Entry Requirements

Who is a one day workshop suitable for?

A One Day workshop is an experiential day for individuals with limited to no knowledge of the area being covered. It is a fun social unaccredited course that could be suitable to be given as a gift or to join in order to meet likeminded people. There are no entry requirements.

If you are looking at this workshop for Continued Professional Development or enhanced skill development please refer to our fully accredited adult part-time courses.

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