NEW - Wildlife Restoration and Management in Gardens and Small Woodland Areas Small

5 Day Course

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Understanding soil, how it forms and why it’s important, and exploring practical ways to improve its condition and support this vital resource.

Gardening for wildlife; supporting creatures from beetles to birds in gardens of all sizes, with techniques such as planting for pollinators, habitat creation, and connectivity in urban areas.

Planting and managing hedges for wildlife: learn all about the importance of hedges, exploring their history and value to the wider ecosystem, and discuss how to plant and maintain a mixed native hedge for wildlife.

Woodland plant identification and survey techniques

Ways to understand what’s in your woodland, looking at common woodland species and how to identify them, and how to map the plant species and other features of your small woodland

Woodland management for biodiversity: Exploring how to support biodiversity, improve resilience and manage your woodland to provide wider ecosystem services to the landscape

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Wednesday 12th June - Wednesday 10th July 2024



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