Great courses to support animal management

If you're interested in animals, there is a world of opportunities. 

From animal behaviourist to zoo keeper, animal welfare officer to ecologist, or lab technician to conservation officer. 

Animal management students at Plumpton College study a range of subjects: animal handling, science, conservation, education, biology, law, animal husbandry, ecology, and animal welfare. 

Students also develop a range of skills: teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, practical handling, writing, presenting, and time management. 

In many of our courses, you develop industry contacts and gain first-hand experience through work placements, alongside practical training and developing your academic skills in the classroom.

Where you are in education, we've got lots of choices to suit you. From a day release from school to undergraduate degress, you can find your path into the animal industry at Plumpton College. 

Before applying

Please check the entry requirements for each course to ensure you are apply for the correct level. If you have any questions please contact the Enquiries, Advice and Guidance Team on

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You’ve got a fantastic animal management unit to discover here at Plumpton where you’ll be able to experience the latest technology and equipment. Each of the different animals requires a certain level of care so you’ll be able to experience managing different environments.

All types of animal care management

We cater for an extensive range of animals: from amphibians to birds, fish to livestock, mammals to reptiles.

Extensive farming facilities for you to discover

You’ll be able to develop invaluable practical handling skills at our Plumpton College farm site which manages a huge range of livestock. 

The perfect learning environment for your studies

We’ve got great facilities for you to work in and develop your practical skills no matter what course you’re studying.