Our Strategic Partners


The College are members of this land-based education sector membership body which provides valuable insight and labour market intelligence relating to national skills needs, as well as a vital lobbying and influencing role wihin both the DfE and across relevant governmental departments such as DEFRA. The Principal isa Board member for Landex.  

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The College's own membership of Lanex provides an opportunity for staff to engage in critical industry led CPD. An annual Peer Review challenges our Curriculum Intent and Implementation, it stress tests the impact curriculum design is having on the leaners' outcomes and their personal development. Senior Leaders are involved in the return visits to other member training providers engabling a rich knowledge transfor from across the Land-Based College Community.

South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP)

The College sits within the South East LEP, but given its catchment area, also has close working relationships with the Coast to Capital LEP. Both bodies have supported college capital development projects through the Local Growth Fund, which has engabled the building of Centres of Excellence in AgriFood and Horticulture. 

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The South East LEP also provides a rich source of labour market intelligence and the Principal chairs its Skills Working Group which brings together employers and training providers from across the LEP region to ensure a strategic approach is taken to meeting need.

FE Sussex

Plumpton leaders work closely with our Local Further Education counterparts. As the only land-based provision in the area, there is minimal crossover in the Curriculum offer, but where this occurs in the minority of cases, there is a clear differentiated provision engabling learners in teh area to make informed decisions about course choices. 


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The collaborative nature of this working with all other providers in the county is best reflected in our being successful as a trailblazer for the Government's Strategic Development Fund (SDF) and, in conjectuion with Sussex Chamber of Commerce, the Local Skills Improvement Plan. 

Sussex Chamber of Commerce and the Local Skills Improvement Plan

Plumpton has been involved in the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) since its inception. The College's engagement with the LSIP holds immense significance for the organisation, its learners and the broader community. By actively participating in this plan, Plumpton can contribute to the development and enhancement of local skills, fostering a thriving and sustainable community.

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Engaging with the LSIP allows Plumpton College to align its educational offerings with the evolving needs of the local workforce. By understanding the skills gaps and edmands of the area, the College can tailor its curriculum and training programmes to equip students with the relevant competencies required by local employers. This alignment enhances leaners' employability skills and ensures they are prepared for meaningful careers within their community.

East Sussex County Council 

The College are group members and regular contributors to Skills East Sussex. Plumpton represents the Land, Agriculture and Environmental priority sector. Our membership in Skills East Sussex is a critical part of our curriculum development and ability to influence key stakeholders about the importance of our sector and opportunities available to upskill the community; it allows the College to collaborate, stay informed, enhance employability, have a voice and access resources that contribute to the development of a skilled workforce and the success of its learners in the local and regional context. The College also works closely with Hastings Borough Council on the new Greener Towns Project and Brighton and Hove City Council. 

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Following a pilot programme in 2020/21, Plumpton Horticulture staff have been working with East Sussex County Council this academic year on a re-engagement programme for adults in East Sussex. Participants have all been, in the recent past, homless on the streets across East Sussex. 

In addition, Plumpton has engaged and is delivering the Multiply Programme, part of the Government's levelling up strategy. Plumpton has long championed the need for greater higher-level STEM subject skills to support the changing landscape of Land-Based industries and this programme naturally provides greater reach and opportunities for new entrants and exisiting workforces for our sector.

University of Greenwich 

Earlier this academic year, Plumpton officially announced a new partnership with the University of Greenwich. This exciting new chapter of Higher Education at Plumpton now includes new undergraduate FdSc Programmes in Sustainable Land Management and Sustainal Horticulture Management and accelerated BSc programmes in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Land & Business Management. 

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These new programmes join Plumpton's existing HE Provision in Wine Business, Wine Production, Viticulture & Oenology, Veterinary Nursing & Physiotherapy, Animal Behaviour and Equine Science. All courses were welcomed by Greenwich into their partnership offer and align to the local and regional requirements of employers for higher skilled entrants into their sectors.