Our Strategic Plan (2022 -2027)

Plumpton College's last strategic plan was written in 2016 and set out a new ambition and a framework of priorities which have served us well over the past six years.

The college has changed much in this time, attracting nearly 40% more students across a diverse range of study types, levels and subjects. It has also commenced a 20m investment programme as part of our campus masterplan. Our new strategic plan covering 2022-2027 can be found below.

Our Purpose

To inspire and equip our students with the skills, knowledge and attributes which meet the future needs of industry.

Our People - Our Culture

To be a diverse and vibrant community in which staff and students embody our values, have a strong sense of belonging and flourish. This is underpinned by our college values which we will ensure are embedded in our daily practices:

  • Professional
  • Ambitious
  • Passionate
  • Supportive
  • Progressive
  • Enterprising

Our People - Our Partners

To have a nurturing and collaborative relationship with our local community and employers which enhances both the experience of our students and the professional development of the workplace.

Our People - Our Staff

To attract, develop and retain a highly skilled, ambitious team of staff empowered to deliver our core purpose.

Our Place

To play a transformational role in the environmental sustainability of land-based industries, showcasing best practice and integrating the highest standards of sustainability into our curriculum.