Terms and conditions of Plumpton College bursary funding

  1. Applicants must confirm that the information given on application forms and accompanying evidence that will be sent, is truthful and correct to the best of their knowledge. 
  2. Learners who apply for the Bursary will be required to supply evidence of all household income and information about their actual need for hardship support. This should be in the form of benefit and/or employment or other official documents or verification from statutory or other agencies. I confirm No false or incomplete information has been submitted and I have made the College aware of any part of my own or my household income. 
  3. Learners understand that applying and being eligible for a bursary does not guarantee a bursary will be given. Bursaries are assessed yearly and maybe subject to changes in amount of support given from any previous year’s awards, due to funding availability and may not cover 100% of your costs.
  4. Learners can confirm that they have read and agree to the College Bursary Guidelines. [link to guidelines here]
  5. Payments are subject to satisfactory attendance above 90%, also satisfactory conduct and progress at College. The College reserves the right to suspend, delay or reduce payments where a student’s attendance or conduct is giving cause for concern, in consultation with their curriculum area. 
    1. Staff administering the fund will examine attendance, disciplinary records and the timely submission of assessments for all bursary recipients on a weekly basis. Should the attendance of a student currently receiving bursary drop below 90% across a given four-week period without an agreed plan with their tutor in place, their award will be reviewed and may be either withdrawn or adjusted. This decision will be taken in consultation with relevant curriculum teams and will be informed by an understanding of the context of the issues linked to the performance of the student in question. 
    2.  Should an applicant withdraw from their chosen course of study and decide to leave college, they may be required to repay monies or return equipment supplied/bought by the bursary support fund.
  6. The majority of bursary transactions now focus on providing services to students (e.g. meals via ID cards, bus travel vouchers) in kind rather than making direct payments to students for these services.  Only where necessary will any payments to students will be made by BACS into the student’s own bank account.
    1. This will also apply to the vulnerable bursary and will be given where possible in kind to the student. Only where necessary will any payments to students will be made by BACS into the student’s own bank account.
  7. Where the student’s positions change during the academic year and they become eligible as a vulnerable learner, they will receive a pro-rata amount of the vulnerable learner bursary entitlement in kind, which will be from the date the student became eligible to the end of the academic year.  Similarly, students will be required to disclose any change of circumstances during the year, which may affect their eligibility for assistance. 
    1. If a student in receipt of assistance withdraws or transfers before the completion of the course, they may be required to repay all or part of their award, or return any equipment purchased with their award. 
  8.  Applicants will be notified in writing how much has been allotted to the categories they have applied for help with, including how payment will be made. Awards will be made to a third party or paid by internal budget transfer where possible. In all cases the application will be judged on its individual needs as outlined in the ESFA guidelines. The amount awarded will be specific to each application and current year. 
  9. If a student is unhappy with their award decision, the procedure for appeal is outlined in the letter informing them that the application has been unsuccessful.