We ensure students have the knowledge needed surrounding personal finance, health, wellbeing and careers. Furthermore, we seek to develop their skills in being able to put that knowledge into practice in their daily and future lives. We aspire to develop their attitudes and values so that they have opinions about key aspects of society and know how to appropriately share their own and also challenge other people’s opinions.

Every term, we have an over-arching theme, such as respect or diversity and then the personal development sessions usually cover one topic per weekly session. Programmes are differentiated based on level of study and the needs of the group.

Which topics will I cover while at Plumpton College?

Level 1 students cover similar topics to the KS4 programme of study for PSHE. Students therefore re-visit and develop their understanding of the topics that they are familiar with from school. Discussion is key to exploring opinions that need to be challenged or further explored. The Student Development Coaches use a variety of adaptive teaching and facilitating methods to encourage all learners to contribute and to extend themselves.

Level 2 students covers a more in-depth exploration of themes, using a range of methods of delivery to explore, understand and enquire further about issues that directly affect students both now or in the future. Developing essential skills is also a current theme underlying the programme, these are aligned to the Skills Builder Essential Skills: Speaking, Listening, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Teamwork and Leadership.

Level 3 students covers all the above, with a greater emphasis on being ready for the world of work and/or further study and also being an independent adult. Therefore, areas such as financial literacy, healthy cooking and life skills play a greater part.

Here's a taster of our Personal Development Programme activities

We have some exciting trips coming up such as Thorpe Park (April 2024), Brussels (Sept 2024), Nepal World Challenge (June 2025) and more!

Smoothie Bike Project

Level 1 & 2 students worked on creating healthy, delicious smoothies to sell to students and staff. Students had to create promotional posters after doing their research into flavours, costs and health benefits.

I really enjoyed making smoothies and they were really tasty.

Albion in the Community

These workshops built on our Diversity theme, by giving students opportunities to see how some sports have been adapted for those with disabilities.

It really opened my eyes to what it must be like if you are partially sighted.

It was amazing to realise how much skill it takes to play these sports (especially the blind football).

Christmas Community Fair and Fundraiser

Level 1 Floristry students created table decorations to sell. They had to price-up the raw materials, make the decorations and then sell them. Interacting with members of the public was a new experience for many of them - and they loved it! They developed skills in volunteering, enterprise, inter-personal, financial planning.

2020Dreams Workshop

Workshops built around our theme of relationships gave our students knowledge about equality, misogyny and sexual harassment.

I personally thought that the workshop went really well and I liked that there was a lot of debating.

It was an amazing workshop, only wish I had more time.