Golf Greenkeeper

Level 2 Apprenticeship

There are four key turfgrass areas on a golf course – greens, tees, fairways, and areas of roughness, each of which requires a different type of maintenance.

Using a range of equipment and machinery safely and competently will play a significant part within an apprentices training programme. Golf Greenkeepers will also be involved in hazard, environmental, and ecological operations, including bunker maintenance, planting turf, trees, shrubs, and developing wildlife habitats. The skills required to become a competent greenkeeper will be acquired while working on the golf course.

At the start of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will be given the opportunity to registered with the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA). Successful apprentices will be eligible to join BIGGA as a full member and become an accredited greenkeeper at the end of the apprenticeship.

What apprentices will learn to:

  • Maintain golf greens, tees, fairways, surrounds, approaches and areas of rough and semi rough.
  • Prepare the golf course for play, in line with the Rules of Golf and employer’s requirements.
  • Prepare and setup golf course equipment to achieve required outcomes (e.g. hole changing equipment, bunker rakes, Stimpmeters).
  • Prepare the ground and establish turf and plants around the golf course and clubhouse.
  • Identify and control weeds, pests, diseases and turf disorders on the golf course playing surfaces.
  • Renovate and repair turf surfaces such as golf greens, tees, fairways and areas of rough.
  • Maintain and renovate bunkers.
  • Maintain and renovate non turf areas such as pathways, penalty areas (e.g. water hazards, ditches).
  • Apply materials such as fertilisers, top dressing and seed across areas of the golf course.
  • Support the operation and maintenance of golf course drainage and irrigation systems.
  • Maintain wildlife habitats and environmentally sensitive areas within the golf course.
  • Collect information on golf course conditions and playability. Report information to team members and supervisors.
  • Prepare, setup and use golf course machinery to achieve required outcomes.
  • Carry out routine maintenance of golf equipment and machinery in line with organisational requirements and manufacturers' instructions. Report any faults to relevant team member.
  • Keep up to date with advances in golf greenkeeping working practices and technologies and maintain continuous professional development (CPD).

Qualifications Awarded

  • Apprenticeship Certificate
  • Level 1 in maths and English Functional Skills (if applicable)

Delivery model

The apprenticeship will be delivered via a mixture of practical and theory learning at Plumpton College campus and partner golf courses on a fortnightly basis (during college term time only), online theory masterclasses and guest speakers and workplace visits which will include skills and knowledge assessment, qualification quarterly workplace competency, and efficiency observation and assessments.

Course details

Dates & Location

Next cohort enrolment in from December 2023 with start of programme in February 2024.


Typically 24 months (some apprentices could complete sooner depending on their previous experience and qualifications, their perfomance during the apprenticeship and the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace) practical period with 3-month End Point Assessment window.


Costs to the employer will be dependent on several factors such as age of apprentice and size (number of employees) of the business. Please contact our Business Services team on 01273 892127 for more information.


Entry Requirements

  • Maths and English assessment
  • Existing skills, knowledge and behaviour assessment

To enrol onto an apprenticeship programme you need to be employed with a contract of employment. If you have an employer lined up or are already employed please contact our Business Services team on 01273 892127 or via email.

You must be in a role that will allow you the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours set out in the apprenticeship. Additionally, apprentices must have a working level of maths and English that will allow successful achievement of level 1 functional skill prior to the end point assessment.

If you do not currently have an employer please visit the main Apprenticeships page for guidance on how to find and apply for an apprenticeship opportunity or register for our Talent Bank service.

If you are an employer and would like to recruit or enrol an existing employee onto an apprenticeship please contact our Business Services team on  01273 892127 or via email.

Plumpton College has industry expert tutors providing the most up to date learning and assessment who have over 50+ years’ experience of 'Head Greenkeeper' roles on different style of courses.

Plumpton also has access to guest industry speakers to provide variety of insights to enhance knowledge of learners.


Apprentices will receive a discount on our LandPro Training suite of qualifications and assessments to further meet the individual requirements of their employer

Future Opportunities

This Standard is recognised by the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA), the Professional Body for Greenkeepers. At the start of the Apprenticeship, the Apprentice will be registered with BIGGA.

Upon completing this Standard, Apprentices will be eligible to join BIGGA as a full member and become a BIGGA Accredited Greenkeeper.

Opportunity to progress further onto the Advanced Sports Turf Level 3 apprenticeship

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