11 December 2019

Student Ambassadors Join the Plumpton College Team

Let’s find out a little bit about them! 

Name: Tobias Allen 

Course your studying: BA (Hons) International Wine Business 

Name: Laura Harverson 

Course your studying: BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Welfare and Behaviour 

When did you start Plumpton, and what made you choose us to study here? 


“Last year (2018), I decided to join Plumpton after doing a short 3-day wine course during the summer. I fell in love with the industry and subject. 3 days later, I wrote a personal statement and sent my application off. I was accepted and joined that September.” 


“I chose Plumpton five years ago when I learned of the specialist Level 3 Animal Management course.” 

What made you want to become a student ambassador? 


“Before going to Plumpton I’d taken the more traditional route. So, I found myself studying a subject at Uni that I didn’t like (Biomedicine). After leaving, I found Plumpton. I hadn’t realized just how much was available at Plumpton despite only living down the road at one point. In fact, I’d never taken Plumpton seriously. Ultimately, I’ve become an ambassador because I don’t want others to make the same mistake I did. I want to promote Plumpton as an excellent place to study because it is. I want to play a part in changing the misconceptions some have. Plumpton has an amazing offering and I would like more people to know about it.” 


“It seemed like an excellent opportunity to gain confidence in talking to new people, plus it looks good on a CV!” 

What’s been your favourite part of your experience as a student at Plumpton College? 


“The people I’ve been fortunate to meet. We’ve had some incredible times and I’m lucky to have them as friends.” 


“The memories I have made. From partying at summer ball to hiding in the shed with the goats when it was pouring with rain. From life changing trips like visiting South Africa to wandering the halls of the Natural History Museum trying to see everything!” 

What are your plans for when you leave Plumpton, career, travelling, taking a break? 


“I’m heading to New Zealand and I’ll be doing something in marketing.” 


“I plan to continue with my work at the RSPCA within the wildlife sector. Although I do want to travel and see wildlife both in England and around the world.” 

What advice would you give to students who are about to pick they’re next steps? 


“Sit down and decide what you want out of life. From that, set some long-term goals that you’d like to achieve one day. When you have an end outcome in mind it makes decision making easier. The question becomes “will this get me closer to my goals?” instead of: “What should I do now?”. If you’ve got a target, you’re more likely to hit it.” 


“Choosing the next step is scary and confusing. Stick to your gut feeling: you must have balance between what you enjoy and what you feel good at, and only you can choose.” 

Random fact about you! 


I’m a triplet. (2 boys and a girl). My brother and I are identical. 


I drink A LOT of tea! 

Laura and Tobias are students from our University provision here at the College. We’re proud to offer specialist degree courses in Animal BehaviourVeterinary NursingEquine and Wine with a state-of-the-art wine facility. Be sure to come and meet our fabulous ambassadors at our next Open Event who can talk you through their chosen courses of study, as well as all our course tutors and take the opportunity to explore the site! 

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