Sailing Report: 31.01.18

24 November 2017 16:57 - 16:57

Sailing Report: 31.01.18

31st January 2018

13 sailors.

Force 6, gusting 7.

Very cold, increased by the wind chill.

Toppers, Pico’s, 1 Lazer and the Vortex.


What a way to end January with a challenging heavy weather sail to push all of us sailing academy students. The aim of the day was to develop hiking skills which is the art of flattening out your boat using all your body weight, playing the sails to get the optimum speed of the craft.

We had multiple capsizes when some of the bigger gusts hit the lake, keeping the rescue boats busy! When the rainstorm hit, it was difficult to know which way the rain was coming! It did feel like being hit by ball-bearings!

Callum Henson, who is working towards his Dinghy Instructor this summer, was channeling so much energy through the rig that his mast snapped! A quick change of boat saw him back on the water in minutes.

A great but challenging day was had on the water by all members of the Plumpton Sailing Academy.