Plumpton College Unveil Four NEW Forward-Thinking Degree Courses

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Plumpton College Unveil Four NEW Forward-Thinking Degree Courses

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking suite of sustainability-focused degree programmes alongside our validating partner, University of Greenwich.

Poised to revolutionise education in agriculture, horticulture, land management, and rural business, these new courses not only reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship but also aims to bridge the skills gap in these crucial sectors, offering a powerful solution to the challenges the world is facing regarding sustainability. 

  • Sustainable Agriculture - Accelerated 2-year BSc programme, subject to validation - tailored to empower the next generation of farmers with cutting-edge knowledge and practices. This programme is not merely an academic pursuit but a response to the pressing need for skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of modern agriculture while championing sustainable practices, featuring modules such a ecology, biodiversity, and precision cropping systems. 
  • Sustainable Horticulture Management - providing students with a comprehensive understanding of eco-friendly horticultural practices relating to developing technologies and strategies.This degree equips graduates to lead the charge in sustainable horticulture, promoting environmental harmony and resource efficiency.
  • Sustainable Land Management - immersing students in a practical, theoretical and sustainable learning environment that enables nature recovery, supports food productions and fosters an enduring and positive approach to managing our land in the current day and for future generations across all industries. Designed for those aspiring to be stewards of our natural landscapes with a focus on conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable land use, graduates emerge ready to tackle the challenges of preserving and enhancing our environment.
  • Rural Land and Business Management - Accelerated 2-year BSc programme, subject to validation - providing students with the critical skills and knowledge to advise clients both large and small how best to optimise the use of their property and business assets. Graduates of this degree are equipped not only with a solid understanding of business principles but also with the ability to apply these principles to rural enterprises in an environmentally conscious manner.

In providing students with a course curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, we ensure that graduates are not only academically qualified but also industry-ready. What sets these sustainable degrees apart is their proactive approach to addressing the skills gap prevalent in these rapidly-growing industries. 

Principal Jeremy Kerswell says:

"We are seeing a significant rise in the number of students who wish to get into the workplace quicker, progress through their industry, and lower the time and cost of study. These degrees, unique within land and environment higher education, offer access to careers and employers in way not offered at other institutions. The four land and environment degree courses at Plumpton College have been informed by the significant changes in the UK agricultural industry both post-Brexit and in the context of climate change as well as global challenges in sustainability, food security and natural resource management." 

Our new degrees serve as a catalyst for positive change, cultivating a generation of professionals who are not only passionate about sustainability but possess the expertise to turn that passion into tangible, impactful solutions. As students embark on these educational journeys, they are not just earning degrees – they are becoming pioneers in the drive towards a more sustainable and resilient future with well-rounded and skilled professionals being not only desirable, but necessary in an ever-changing world.

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