Final statement regarding the suspension of four students

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24th November 2023

Plumpton College has now, in line with its own internal policies and procedures, completed their own review, which has today resulted in the two individuals that were arrested being permanently excluded and prevented from ever studying at the college again. 

In relation to the two other students who are being treated as significant witnesses, both have been withdrawn from their course in order to safeguard student welfare and to preserve the integrity of the police investigation. 

Jeremy Kerswell, Principal, said, “We remain appalled by this incident and saddened by the impact that this has had on our other students, our staff and the wider community. We have always understood and mirrored the depth of feelings triggered by this incident which in no way represents our values and the high standards that we strive to achieve on a daily basis.  

Our thanks go to those who have supported us during this difficult time; we will of course reflect and learn from this experience and do all that we can to continue to educate our students in exemplary practices in animal welfare.” 

The Police investigation is still ongoing and the College will not now be making any further statement having permanently excluded these students. 

14th November 2023 

On Thursday 2nd November four individuals who study at Plumpton College were involved in a disturbing incident during which it is alleged that a sheep was killed. To be clear, this incident is unrelated to any form of college led activity and occurred off site, outside of college hours.  

As soon as we were made aware of the initial details of this incident, all four adult students were immediately suspended, and therefore not permitted on campus. The incident was then reported to Sussex Police. This has now led to two individuals being arrested, and two other individuals being treated as significant witnesses. All four students will remain suspended, this is not the final outcome but a measure taken to facilitate the police investigation. The permanent sanction issued by the college will be determined as a part of this process.  

Given the status of the investigation, it is not possible for us to enter into any further dialogue about the matter at this time and we continue to assist the Police in their investigation.

Principal Jeremy Kerswell comments:  

“I am appalled by this incident, which in no way represents the high standards of behaviour we expect of our students nor the standards we hold so dear with regards to animal welfare. I know that our staff and student body are shocked and saddened to hear of this allegation from within our college community and it is completely unrepresentative of our culture and values.  

Please be assured that I have, and I will continue to take suitable action with the students involved at the appropriate time.”  

Statements from the college will be updated upon conclusion of Police and college investigations.