Plumpton Wine Talks

21 February 2018

As the UK's centre of excellence in wine education, training and research, we are delighted to be hosting a series of events named 'Plumpton Wine Talks'. Dedicated wine enthusiasts will be invited to Plumpton Wine Centre for an evening of informal, but highly informative, presentations of fundamental issues concerning the industry. 

Join us for the second in the series, It's never just about what's in the bottle on 20th February, 18:00-19:00.

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“It’s never just about what’s in the bottle”

What do Italian Restaurants tell us about Behavioural Economics? What can tasting notes learn from EastEnders? Why is choosing from a wine list a game of darts, not archery? It’s a wine business trope that “it’s what’s inside the bottle that really matters”. But the hardest part is persuading people to discover what’s inside the bottle at all. As people drink less, or drink differently, or drink nothing, is it time we started spending more time thinking outside the bottle?

About Joe Fattorini

If you’ve enjoyed wine somewhere between Wick and Whitstable, Joe was probably involved. Joe has been selling wine for 20 years to restaurants, hotels, bars and celebrity weddings as one of the UK’s leading wine merchants.

Joe also wrote about wine for 14 years as the weekly wine correspondent for The Herald Newspaper. And he spent years talking about it to audiences of wine-loving golfers across the USA as wine consultant to the US PGA Tour.

It’s an unlikely career for someone who began as a university academic. Between researching and teaching, Joe wrote the world’s first textbook on selling and marketing wine in restaurants; a book still used in universities more than 20 years later.

In 2017 Joe has won both the International Wine and Spirits Competition Wine Communicator of the Year Award and International Wine Challenge Personality of the Year.