Level 2 Apprenticeship

What apprentices will learn

  • The use and application of arboricultural equipment
  • The principles of the establisment, growth and care of trees
  • Current environmental, wildlife and health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice in relation to arboricultural works
  • Legislation relating to trees eg. Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas
  • To recognise health and safety needs onsite and work safely
  • How to take instruction from the job supervisor and other senior work colleagues to include signing onto the site specific risk assessment / emergency action plan and maintaining records
  • Procedures and specific instructions for dealing with incidents and emergencies
  • Electrical safety for working in the vicinity of power lines
  • Felling and processing trees
  • How to climb trees using a rope and harness, and using elevated platforms
  • How to recognising different types of trees and shrubs
  • How to identifying and managing pests, diseases and tree defects
  • How to select appropriate equipment for the Load and unload equipment safely
  • Set out work place signage (highway & non highway) and assists with traffic control
  • Process tree work arisings using appropriate machinery
  • How to take appropriate care of tools, equipment and customer property
  • How to recognise a basic range of tree and shrub species using common and scientific names
  • How to Identify pests, diseases, disorders and tree defects
  • How to carry out a range of ground-based pruning operations
  • The benefits of trees
  • Felling and processing small trees
  • How to support aerial tree workers both Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) and climbing with transfer of equipment for aerial tree work operations
  • How to perform an aerial rescue of colleague from a rope and harness and a MEWP
  • Work safely at height in the tree under supervision
  • Prepare sites for planting, plant trees and provide support, protection and aftercare

Qualifications Awarded

  • Apprenticeship Certificate
  • Level 3 award in emergency first aid at work
  • Level 2 award in safe use of brushwood chipper
  • Traffic Management (NRSWA Unit 002 Signing, Lighting and Guarding) OR Sector Scheme 12D
  • Level 2 award in chainsaw maintenance
  • Level 2 award in crosscutting timber using a chainsaw
  • Level 2 award in felling and processing trees up to 380mm
  • Level 2 award in accessing a tree using a rope and harness
  • Level 3 award in aerial tree rescue operations
  • Level 3 award in aerial cutting of trees using free fall techniques
  • Level 2 award in safe use of mobile elevated work platform
  • Level 3 award in use of a chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP)
  • Level 1 in maths and/or English Functional Skills (if applicable)

Delivery model

The apprenticeship has a blended learning model with a mix of in college practical and theoretical learning over three day blocks on a monthly basis between October and January and in March and June. Online knowledge delivery and quarterly workplace competency and efficiency observation and assessments throughout the apprenticeship.

Course details

Dates & Location

Next cohort enrolment is September 2023 with commencement of in college delivery October 2023


Typically 24 months (some apprentices could complete sooner depending on their previous experience and qualifications, their perfomance during the apprenticeship and the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in the workplace) practical period with 3-month End Point Assessment window.


Costs will be dependent on several factors such as age of apprentice and size of employer. Please contact our Business Services team on 01273 892127 for more information.

Entry Requirements

  • Maths and English and Science grade 4 or above
  • Or 1 years industry experience 
  • Maths and English assessment.
  • Job role suitability assessment.

To enrol onto an apprenticeship programme you need to be employed with a contract of employment. If you have an employer lined up or are already employed please contact our Apprenticeship Team on 01273 892127 or via email.

If you do not currently have an employer please visit the main Apprenticeships page for guidance on how to find and apply for an apprenticeship opportunity or register for our Talent Bank service.

If you are an employer and would like to recruit or enrol an existing employee onto an apprenticeship please contact our Business Services team on  01273 892127 or via email.


  • You will have access to the latest equipment and technology and tutors / work coaches with over 20+ years’ experience of working in the sector
  • Opportunities to enter national climbing competitions.
  • Discount on LandPro Training suite of qualifications and assessments e.g. Level 2 Award in the Safe use of Pesticides.

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