It's an Immersive First Term for our Animal Behaviour & Conservation Degree Students

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In a commitment to provide its students with a truly immersive education, our Animal Behaviour degree students have had a brilliant first term experiencing a variety of extra-curricular activities that bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

The first-year FdSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Conservation degree students recently capped off their term with an eye-opening visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, delving into the intricacies of the management and conservation of a range of different animal species.

As part of their Management of Animal Collections module, students had the unique opportunity to witness how ZSL Whipsnade Zoo designs its enclosures to meet the husbandry, welfare, and enrichment needs of its diverse range of animals. As one of the UK's most extensive zoological collections, this experience provided the students with insights that go beyond the classroom and into the heart of industry practices.

Plumpton College prides itself on its commitment to offering students more than just textbooks and lectures. This term, our degree students have also been actively engaged in 'Lunchtime Lectures,' an initiative that brings industry experts directly to the students. The array of speakers so far has been impressive, featuring professionals like Shannon Farrington from London Zoo, Jes Hooper, Founder of The Civet Project and former Plumpton College Animal Management Lecturer, and Suzie Simpson, from the Turtle Tally Project.

These lectures have become a cornerstone of the students' academic journey, offering a glimpse into the practical applications of their studies. With a lineup of guest speakers planned for 2024, Plumpton College ensures that its degree students are consistently exposed to the latest industry trends, cutting-edge research, and diverse perspectives, to help them on their own career journey.

The college's innovative approach to education is not only broadening students' horizons but also providing them with a competitive edge as they enter their respective fields. By fostering a learning environment that transcends traditional boundaries, Plumpton College is shaping a generation of graduates equipped with industry-ready skills and a profound understanding of how their academic pursuits translate into real-world success.

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