Wine Business BA attracts international students

3 February 2017 10:13 - 10:13

Wine Business BA attracts international students

Now in its third year, the Wine Business Degree programme is becoming increasingly international, with students from South Korea, California, Hungary, Greece, Russia and Italy. Overseas students now account for 30% of the first year intake, greatly enriching the learning environment.

I love the course because it is giving me knowledge not just in wine business and production, but also in other areas

says Marilena Britzoulaki, who is from Crete. Her intention is to gain some work experience in Italy

and then return to Crete and create my own vineyard and winery.

Philipp Boxheimer, who is studying international wine business at Geisenheim University in his native Germany, opted to do a semester at Plumpton on the Erasmus programme. His experience was a very positive one.

I was very pleased with the smaller class sizes, and the resulting close relationships with the professors

he said, before returning home.

Italian Federico Firino is fascinated by the world of wine, and eventually wants to work in food and wine tourism. He enrolled at Plumpton when he discovered that

the majority of the people in the English wine industry have some connections with College. That gave me reassurance that I was choosing the right place.

A number of students elect to study wine after attending the College for a WSET qualification, such as Domenico Doronzo, from Italy, who was struck by the passion and knowledge of the Plumpton lecturers, and subsequently enrolled full-time on the business degree course.

Plumpton College is the UK’s international centre of excellence in wine education, training and research.