"The Dream Job"

3 July 2019 11:35 - 11:35

"The Dream Job"

Joseph Hart enrolled onto the Level Three Advanced Technical Certificate in Land and Wildlife (Game) course in September 2018. During his time on the course Joseph developed a strong passion for gamekeeping and the methods around managing land to benefit gamebirds as well as the wider environment.

Joseph took a keen interest in the running of shoot days and held a large responsibility in terms of running drives throughout the shooting season. Joseph assisted the game department run a number of the 19 shoot days which consisted of syndicate days, let days and HPR field trials.

With Joseph’s passion for gamekeeping developing even further he gained employment working on a game farm, where he assisted setting up sheds, shelters, runs, water systems and rearing both pheasant and partridge.

During a progression tutorial in March, Joseph’s programme manager discussed the options available to him in terms of returning to Plumpton College and completing another year or seeking full time employment within the gamekeeping industry. Joseph was aware that a student last year had gained employment at Sandringham Estate and stated how he’d love to have “the dream job”, with that in mind Joseph said he would play it by ear and see if anything came up.

Towards the beginning of May, Joseph’s Programme Manager received a call from the Head Keeper at Sandringham Estate who expressed an interest in taking on another student as a trainee underkeeper and wanted to see some CV’s.

Shortly after the CV’s being sent off Joseph received a call requesting him for an interview, he was ecstatic and deservedly so. Joseph ensured he was prepared and attended the interview with willingness and determination.

The phone call which followed the interview gave Joseph the best news he could ask for, employment on the Sandringham Estate.  

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