Students Act Of Kindness Projects raises funds for Knight Support Homeless Charity

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Students Act Of Kindness Projects raises funds for Knight Support Homeless Charity

In keeping with the festive season, some of our students have been working on a community-based Act of Kindness project as part of this term's Resilience Personal Development Sessions.

Our students have been collaborating with Knight Support Homeless Charity, and it's safe to say their project has been hugely successful. At the beginning of term, two members of the charity came in to talk to students about the work they do, the people they support, and how the students could get involved. Armed with this knowledge, our 3 groups of students decided on how they would like to raise money. 

After a lot of hard work, the students were able to raise a very impressive £107.00 between them via numerous activities such as working alongside our Motor Vehicle and Estates department washing college vehicles, and also working with our Bakery team in our AgriFood Centre making and then selling cinnamon buns on campus. Congratulations!

The project continued as the students decided how best to spend their funds for the charity in the most efficient way, eventually settling on carefully budgeted shopping lists at a local supermarket to purchase various items to create Christmas boxes.

What's more, the students also set out to collect donations around the college of toiletries, gloves, socks, and food items to give to the charity alongside their bought items, and did so by creating effective posters to market their cause around campus.

Finally, near the end of the term, the students welcomed Knight Support on campus to collect the donation boxes which they will distribute to the local homeless community this Christmas.

What a fantastic initiative for our students to get involved with, building on a number of skills such as teamworking, budgeting, project managing, and of course, resilience!