Student Experience - Veterinary Nursing Assistant

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Student Experience - Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Meet Mizzy, a Veterinary Nursing Assistant student here at Plumpton College.

The Level 2 Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course supports and prepares learners for a career as a Veterinary Nursing Assistant by giving them the opportunity to gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to work safely and competently in a veterinary environment.

As well as studying animal anatomy and physiology, and the principles of animal handling and care, learners will obtain key administrative skills.

We asked Mizzy a few questions about what it's like studying her Level 2 Qualification. If you want to have a similar experience to Mizzy, you still have time to apply for this course to start in September. You can find out more information here...

Why did you choose to study at Plumpton College in our Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course?

"I chose to study the Level 2 Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course at Plumpton because it gives me a great opportunity to qualify in a subject that I love, whilst being able to work within the veterinary industry at the same time."

How do you find working at a veterinary practice whilst coming into college 1 day a week?

"Doing both is challenging at times due to the veterinary environment sometimes being stressful and there can be long shift hours, but it's great having access to a teacher once a week to ensure work is up to date and to discuss work-based scenarios. This allows me the chance to ask questions and get feedback from an experienced nurse/teacher."

What do you plan to do after you have gained your qualification at Plumpton College?

"Once I have finished my qualification at Plumpton, I hope to either transition into a Nursing Degree or an Apprenticeship, as I would like to work within a rescue shelter or sanctuary with the bonus of having clinical veterinary knowledge and experience."


Next Steps...

If you want to follow Mizzy's footsteps you can find out more information here on the Level 2 Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course.

You can also find out how to apply for an Apprenticeship in Veterinary Nursing here, which also allows you to work and study at the same time. 

You can find out more information on Veterinary Degrees here too. 

At Plumpton College we have every step covered, so join the veterinary industry with us. 

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