Sparkling wine wins two Silver Medals in World Championships

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Sparkling wine wins two Silver Medals in World Championships

Well in excess of a 1,000 sparkling wines were judged over two weeks, Plumpton Wine Estate won this accolade along with a handful of other English sparkling wine producers. A total of 7 gold and 19 silver medals were awarded this year to English sparkling wine producers. 

All the Gold & Silver medal winners can be found here:  CSWWC 2021 Results

Greg Dunn, Head of Plumpton Wine Division commented:

We are over the moon to win a Silver Medal for our Plumpton Estate Brut Rosé and Plumpton Estate Brut Classic. We work extremely hard every year to ensure quality and consistency are delivered in all our wines. However, the key difference with our wines, is that the vine-growing and winemaking, under the guidance of our winemaker, is carried out almost entirely by our undergraduate students. You can almost taste their enthusiasm for tending the vines, managing the fermentations and agreeing the blends! I am very proud of all our students.

Both the Plumpton Estate NV Rosé and Plumpton Estate NV Brut Classic are traditional-method sparkling wines made from grapes grown at Plumpton College vineyards in East Sussex. 

All the wines submitted for the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship (CSWWC) are judged blind exclusively by three internationally renowned fizz experts, Tom Stevenson, Essi Avellan MW and George Markus and according to the judges 2021 has been one of the toughest judging yet with the quality and diversity of sparkling wine improving year on year.

Tom Stevenson, Founder and Chairman of the CSWWC, commented 

The competition has grown every year, but as each new entrant discovers how highly specialised and niche the CSWWC is, so they understand that deciding what to enter is not the same as it is for one of the big, all-encompassing competitions, thus the growth has been a case of two steps forward, one step back. Until 2019, that is, when we experienced an unprecedented increase of one-third more entries! It is not only our mission to promote world class wines, but also to discover and reward new and exciting wines from established and emerging regions across the world.

Stevenson concludes

Exciting quality finds, for example this year we had medial winners  from Japan, Romania, and Russia, is one of the reasons why the CSWWC exists. Another is keeping track of all the established greats, seeing if they continue to come through the totally blind process with Golds, Best in Class and then on to Trophies.

The Best in Class, National Champions and World Champions by Style will be revealed at this year’s CSWWC 2021 Virtual Awards Week commencing 22nd November 2021.

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