Southwater Sprint Relay, 7th September 2014

01:00 - 01:00

This unique triathlon consists of three team members who swim, bike, and run, and then tag their team mates; the accumulated team time is taken for the overall results. I managed to recruit my brother-in-law and a friend for the team as we all battled under the Plumpton banner. The distances are such that a time of under an hour is possible- this has been my personal target for the last 5 years of racing this course, although I have to achieve this.

The race brief started at 07.40 with the race starting 20 minutes late due to the heavy mist that lay on the lake. Our first leg was led out by David who had a storming race handing over in a good time; this was then followed by my brother-in-law, James who pushed us further into a positive position.

He shouted my name to make sure I was ready, then he started me off to bring in the anchor leg of the race; to bring home a team aim of under 3 hours for all of us. The swim section began strong and I headed off to the transition area; 29 seconds later I was off on the bike with my head down with my personal and team targets looming over me.

I came in off the bike and pushed hard, trying to get the legs and lungs to work in unison to get me round the run course. I completed the course with a sprint and crossed the finishing line in pieces having achieved both of the targets.

Name Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Personal Times
David 00:08:01 00:00:49 00:32:16 00:00:39 00:17:05 00:58:50
James 00:07:55 00:00:36 00:33:01 00:00:32 00:15:37 00:57:41
Grahame 00:07:37 00:00:29 00:33:02 00:00:26 00:17:18 00:58:52

Plumpton College Team Time


The Plumpton College team was announced several times throughout the race because of our position. This result placed us 25th out of 133 teams, 90 seconds faster than I had done it before and 4 ½ minutes under our 3 hour time-

Thank you Plumpton for your continued support.