Plumpton College Raises Thousands for Charity on Annual Raising and Giving Day

21 March 2019 14:18 - 14:18

Plumpton College Raises Thousands for Charity on Annual Raising and Giving Day

The entire student and staff body joined together on the sports field to kick-off the day all aimed at raising money for two fantastic local charities. The first main event was our “Big Hill Run” which saw over 50 staff and students take part in an arduous race up the South Downs. Throughout the day, all could take part in an array of activities that ranged from bake sales and glitter face painting to jive dancing and welly wanging. As now is tradition, the day finished off with our infamous ‘colour clash’, leaving staff and students alike multi-coloured for their journeys home. 

Chestnut Tree House has become a strong affiliate of the College, having been the sole charity the College focussed on with fundraising events throughout last year. For the second Rag day, the fundraising extended to a charity that directly helped not only one of our students, Alice, a Year 3 Animal Management Student, but her entire family, when she was diagnosed with cancer at 13. 

Alice gave a moving speech at the beginning of the day, detailing her experience and how the Children with Cancer Fund helped her: 

When I was 13 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This local charity, based in Polegate, East Sussex, has been absolutely incredible. They granted me, my sister and my parents a wish. They look after you from whenever you’re diagnosed until you’re eighteen. I just turned eighteen so this is my way of giving something back. They are just incredible and bring so much joy to families in need. 

Alice went on to say; 

The magic they gave me, I can’t even put into words - they gave me an extra family.

Chris and Ursula Downton and Kirsty and James Denny formed children with Cancer Fund in 1998. The charity is based in Polegate, and the group decided its focus should be the quality time spent together as a family. Children with Cancer focusses on the whole family, and not just the affected child, granting wishes to each member of the family to make the experience as easy as possible. 

We were also delighted to welcome back Chestnut Tree House. Libby joined Alice in a speech to kick off the day, saying: 

We look after children with life shortening conditions in your area. Only 6% of our funding comes from central government, to put that another way, our funding from central government ran out on the 22nd January, the rest of the year we have to fundraise for. That’s why guys like you are so important 

Throughout the day and wide array of activities, the College managed to raise over £3,500 for both charities, which will be divided equally. The Chestnut Tree House will add this to their funds for community support and Children with Cancer will use the money raised to continue granting wishes to children in the local area who have or have had cancer. 

Thank you to all who donated. 
Find out more about Chestnut Tree House and Children with Cancer Fund by visiting their websites.