NFU Mutual MSc Award: Enhancing Vineyard Sustainability

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NFU Mutual MSc Award: Enhancing Vineyard Sustainability

This year, in recognition of its ongoing partnership with Wines of Great Britain and commitment to the success of the rapidly expanding viticulture industry in England and Wales, NFU Mutual is launching the Enhancing Vineyard Sustainability Award for Plumpton College MSc (Viticulture and Oenology) students. The award will provide a £5,000 bursary towards travel and research costs to a student pursuing their final research project on a sustainability issue facing UK vineyards, with the objective of supporting and promoting the next generation of ‘movers and shakers’ coming through Plumpton College, a renowned centre of excellence for teaching and research in viticulture. This also recognises the NFU Mutual’s commitment to vineyards across the country.

The award is open to all students in their final year and their research projects. The successful applicant will need to address the contribution their project makes toward vineyard sustainability in the context of the UK wine industry and present their findings to the annual Plumpton College Industry Research Symposium in 2024.

Category: Wine Division

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