New Incubator for Game Management

Written by Robbie Nicolle, Game Management Programme Manager 20 March 2018 17:16 - 17:16

New Incubator for Game Management

Plumpton College Game Management department received their new 6,090 egg incubator this week, and with new equipment arriving weekly, this years rearing is set to be a success.

With new and up to date technology such as the incubator, our game management students are taught to the highest standard, making them ready to enter industry at the end of their course having had first hand experience with such equipment.

Students will complete an incubation, rearing and release programme as part of their course, allowing them to gain further knowledge and understanding of the sector.

The incubation of gamebirds is a vital aspect to the gamebird production within the UK. Incubating eggs from your own laying stock or buying them in can make savings, which helps shoots develop in other ways.

Pheasant eggs are incubated for 21 days followed by 3 days in a hatcher before they begin to hatch. After hatching the day old chicks are moved to pre-heated sheds with everything they need to develop into strong healthy birds. We currently have 4858 eggs currently in the incubator.

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