IAgrE young engineers

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IAgrE young engineers


the 20th of March a group of level 3 Land-based technology students

from the College entered the annual  IAgrE (Institute of Agricultural

Engineers) Young Engineers competition. The competition is open to any

Land-based college within the UK. Six other Colleges were in the finals.


teams had one week to build a remote or radio controlled vehicle of a

given dimension which was able to climb a track starting horizontally

and bending through 90 degrees to vertical. The students started with a

standard set of wheels and a 12 volt battery both supplied by IAgrE, to

keep the competition fair, after that the only rules were that  it had

to fit within a set of measurements 300mm long by 200mm wide by 300mm


The College achieved 1st and 3rd place.


competition was held at the site of the old Aston Martin factory, which

is now a flagship dealer for the company, at Newport Pagnell.


day started with the competition first followed by lunch then a tour of

the workshops, bodyshop and the showroom. This was an excellent part of

the day.

The class 1 results were:-

1st Peter Hill & Luke Morely. (Plumpton College)

2nd John Deere apprentices (Babcock)

3rd Lewis Brooks & Connor Russell. (Plumpton College) (beaten into 3rd by 0.5 cm!)

Sam Mitchell and Patrick Sotheran also came 5th.

This is the second year in a row that the College’s engineering students have won this competition.