15 October 2015

College Student Winners at South of England Agricultural Society’s Project Competition Awards

Charles Jennings won the South of England Agricultural Societies Top project in Further Education at Level 3 at the Ardingly Autumn Fair last weekend.  Charles is studying Countryside and Environment at the college and is currently in his second year.

Charles had written a project on Dormouse Conservation and set up a long-term dormouse monitoring project in one of the woodlands on the Plumpton College estate.  Programme Leader Abby Lamb said “Charles showed incredible dedication to this project, he managed to source the dormouse nest tubes himself and because they were second hand they needed a lot of work to clean and refurbish, he made himself available at weekends so that we could site and check the tubes and on top of this Charles did a huge amount of research into the ecology of the species and their requirements to ensure that his project would work”.  The end result speaks for itself and Charles beat off tough competition from other colleges in the South East to pick up the top award at Level 3.


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