Beyond the classroom with our Spring Back Programme

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Frederick Afrifa and students

The college was thrilled to host a series of inspirational guest speakers, workshops and activities on campus throughout all of January for our full-time, Further Education students as part of its 'Spring Back' programme.

The initiative sought to raise our students' ambitions and aspirations via a range of exciting speakers, visits and masterclasses, showcasing the incredible opportunities available to them in their careers and demonstrating the belief we have in them that anything is possible. 

Throughout the term, we welcomed visitors from diverse backgrounds and industries, and their stories captivated and motivated our students with real-world experiences and success stories. In addition to the guest speaker series, we held cross-college workshops focusing on developing essential skills such as resilience, overcoming challenges, and problem-solving. Some of the activties had a specific curriculum focus, whilst others were aimed at our entire cohort of students.

Below is a snippet of the amazing things our students got up to during last term's Spring Back programme:

Mercedes Museum

Following an amazing trip to see the Mini production line in Oxford to watch a Mini being made from start to finish, our Level 3 Motor vehicle students were given an opportunity to visit the Mercedes museum in South London. They experienced a guided tour taking in some of the most expensive cars in the world whilst demonstrating the advances in technology since the first Mercedes was developed at the turn of the 20th Century - a real eye opener and inspirational visit for the Level 3 Motor Vehicle students.

Plumpton College Alumni, Reg Laneway

Once again we welcomed Reg Laneway on our campus as he visited our Foundation Learning Students for an expert owl pellet dissection lesson. Reg Laneway is a familiar face at Plumpton College, having studied Agriculture with us many years ago and continuing his career as an agriculture lecturer before retiring. After soaking the barn owl pellets in water, the students discovered bones from mice, beetles, voles, and various small birds.

BC Plant Health Care Recruitment Day

Two members from BC Plant Healthcare Inc. visited Plumpton College for a day with a view to recruiting Level 3 Year 2 Forestry & Arboriculture students to become Apprentice Arborists in British Columbia. This was a hugely educational and motivating experience for our learners, highlighting a continuous drive towards professionalism within the forestry and arboriculture industry. After a presentation, they viewed our learners’ climbing skills and interviewed 7 students - an exciting day all round!

Flavian Obiero - The Kenyan Pig Farmer

Flavian Obiero, former Pig Unit Manager at Plumpton College, returned to campus to speak to our students about his incredible career journey. Initially studying Animal Management, his presention entitled 'How to be a success inspiring others along the way', enthralled students as he described his transition to agriculture and his passion for pig farming.

Frederick Afrifa

As an award-winning motivational speaker, Frederick Afrifa was a huge hit amongst our students as he captivated his audience with tales of his inspiring journey from professional athlete to public speaker. His mission is to help students thrive and be the best versions of themselves, and to keep moving forwards!

Albion in the Community

Showcasing inclusive sport, Hayley and her team from Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation, the official charity for Brighton & Hove Albion football team, arrived on campus to set up various games in our sports hall with the aim of giving the students a flavour of how sport can be made inclusive and accessible. They tried out various activities such as wheelchair basketball and stationary volleyball. 

2020 Dreams

2020 Dreams are a company specialising in the promotion of personal development in young people, and target culturally significant or topical themes under the bracket of PSHE. Delroy was with us for three days giving interative talks to small groups of students about respect and relationships. This was a great workshop for challenging stereotypes and addressing myths for our students.

Professor Gaston

Professor Gaston leads research in ecology and conservation biology, including the linked triumvirate of common ecology, nighttime ecology and personalised ecology, and was founding Director of the Environment and Sustainability Institute from 2010 -2017. Professor Gaston delivered a talk to 200 students from all subject areas within the college as the links to biodiversity and conservation are an integral part of all of the work we do here. Fantastic to have Professor Gaston share his insight and expertise with out students!


We firmly believe that a well-rounded education extends far beyond the classroom, and these workshops will provide students with practical experiences that enhance their academic learning and explore the skills they are gaining outside of traditional coursework. For all our students, the sky is the limit!

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