Level 1 | Electively Home Educated


If you have an interest in art and design and want to unleash your creative flair then this course will provide you with the practical skills needed to prepare you for work in the floristry industry. You will learn how to put beautiful flowers together to make designs and will work in teams to create seasonal shop displays. 


Units include

  • Safe working practices
  • Basic floristry tasks
  • Produce and maintain shop displays
  • Assemble basic floral designs.

Course details

Dates & Location

September 2024


1 year - Certificate 

2 years - Diploma 

One day per week. 


There are material costs for Floristry courses.

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Entry Requirements

Electively Home Educated 

  • Students must have been out of education and home schooled for at least 6 months prior to enrolling.
  • Applicants must be 14 years of age or older by 31st August of the year of applying.

Rebecca Rowe

Level 1 land-based studies: floristry

I wanted to do something artistic, practical and creative and also learn a skill that I could use in the future. I really loved doing the practical work especially making hand-tied bouquets - by the end of the course I was able to make bouquets to give to friends and family. 

I remember making a punk styled hat for College Open Day exhibition – I liked doing that because it was different and we could create designs of our own choice.

The skills I have learnt in floristry will help me in any creative industry so I will have a wide range of choice for jobs.

Future Opportunities

  • Students usually come into college at age 14 and are on a two year programme. On successful completion of this they are then in a position to apply for a place on the 16+ full time study programmes.  Towards the end of the second year this is discussed with students as part of the progression tutorials.
  • On applying for a 16+ course students will be required to attend an interview for the course and will be processed as a new applicant.
  • Once students are a 16+ programme they are also in a position to apply for bursaries to support learning, travel etc. 

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