Please complete the 'Personal Declaration to remaining Covid-19 Secure' to access the Student Induction Page

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• If I have or if a member of my household have the Symptoms of Covid-19 then I will inform the College as soon as possible and I will not come into the College until I have had a negative Covid-19 test or after following the advice from the NHS

• I will inform the College if I or a member of my household have any Medical Conditions that require me to Shield away from public interactions

• I agree to follow the College’s and the NHS’ guidance on Hand Washing and will regularly use hand sanitising stations or hand washing facilities in line with Government Guidance

• I will take all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m social distance from all people where possible whilst at the College

• I agree to inform the College immediately if I feel unwell whilst at College and understand that I may be required to be isolated from others and/or required to leave the site as quickly as possible

• I agree to supply and carry my own face covering at all times and wear this and other PPE supplied by the college when required to do so

• I understand that these Core Expectations are here to protect me, students, staff and visitors and I understand that failure to follow these Core Expectations could have serious consequences for me, my family and others and I commit to following these Core Expeditions to the best of my abilities

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