Welcome 14-16 Students

This year has proven itself to be a challenge, but it is a challenge that we continue to rise to meet. We feel it's important that our students get a sense of the changes we have made and understand what being a student will mean at Plumpton College. You will find these important changes here

We wanted to make you feel comfortable and supported on your start or return to College in September, so we have some helpful information to get you all ready. 

Any further questions you may have please feel free to contact our Enquiries, Advice and Guidance Team on Enquiries@Plumpton.ac.uk.

Helpful Information

Start Dates 

The following start dates have been agreed for our 14-16 Home Educated and Schools students. These will allow all vocational classes to start at the same time.

  • Week commencing 7th September: Remote Induction Week for Home Educated students

This will include an induction to English & Maths, Science and PSHE, meeting the staff, checking in with students, discussions on expectations, and settling in.

  • Week commencing 14th September: On Site Induction Week and Start of Term for both Home Educated and Schools students

This will include an induction as above to vocational subjects.

Days in College

We are working to government guidelines and ensuring that we offer a good educational experience whilst also managing social distancing.

In light of this the 14-16 students will begin the year with their vocational subject being studied on site (as per the following timetable below), and English, maths, science and PSHE being delivered remotely. We will be using Microsoft teams and will be sharing instructions for students and parents/carers on how to access and use this. 

College Learning Days

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Horticulture Year 1&2

Floristry Year 2

Sports Year 1

Floristry Year 1

Woodland Studies Year 1&2

Agriculture Year 2

Agriculture Year 1

Animal care Year 1 (Home Educated Only)

Sports Year 2

Equine Year 2

Gateway to engineering Year 2

Gateway to engineering Year 1

(Schools Only)

Animal care Year 1 (Home Educated Only)

Gateway to engineering Year 1 (Home Educated Only)

Metalcraft Year 1

Animal care Year 1 (Schools Only)

Equine Year 1  (Schools Only)


Equine Year 1 (Home Educated Only)



Metalcraft Year 1&2


Metalcraft Year 1&2



Animal care Year 2




N.B. Subjects shown apply to both Home Educated and Schools students unless specified otherwise.

The timetable of days, rooms and staff will be provided for students at enrolment, including the remote learning days for English, maths, science and PSHE.

Key Information Whilst at College

  • Enrolment will take place at the end of August and this is planned to be done remotely. You will be notified of dates for this in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on your emails and our website.
  • The college day runs from 9.15am – 4.15pm. Bus timetables are available now and can be viewed on the Travel Page of our website. Please note, bus tickets can only be purchased after enrolment. (Purchase your termly tickets via our online shop between the dates, August 28th 5pm and August 31st 5pm.)
  • There are three areas food can be purchased; the main dining hall and two smaller snack bars that sell sandwiches, jacket potatoes, pasta etc.
  • Schools students do not have to wear their school uniform. Dress is expected to be smart, casual and suited to the course. The wearing of the college lanyard is compulsory at all times and is a means of confirming students and staff on site. 

Vocational Subject Equipment and Clothing

Here you will find what you require for your paticular course.


  • Sports hall trainers
  • Shorts/tracksuit/leggings
  • Training top
  • Water bottle 
  • Moulded/studded boots


  • Jodhpurs (dark, not brightly coloured)
  • Polo shirts with collar
  • Sweatshirts/V-neck jumpers (not hooded variety)
  • Plain gloves
  • Long boots or Jodhpur boots and short chaps (full washable chaps are permitted in winter) – no tassles or Dubarry style boots, bright colours are not allowed
  • Lightly ridged soled boots are allowed, but boots with heavily ridged soles are not permitted
  • Riding trainers, including “Dr Marten” style boots are forbidden for all ridden work
  • All clothing must be plain and dark coloured
  • Hair must be neatly tied back


  • Safety boots or wellies
  • Clean overalls
  • Waterproof coat

Animal Care

  • Blue lab coats and safety boots (must be steel toe caps and be boots not trainers) as a minimum requirement
  • Students are welcome to purchase a tunic (as it is mandatory for the 16+ students on this course) but may not choose to as they may not be continuing this subject on after the 14-16 programme


  • Seasonable footwear, flat shoes and no open-toed sandals

Horticulture and Woodland Studies

  • Steel toe capped boots, wet weather gear
  • Gloves


  • Steel toecap boots
  • Safety glasses (not the elasticated goggle version)
  • Ear defenders
  • Cotton apron (jewellery/small scale work) A suggested option can be found here
  • Leather apron (for forge)

Tetanus injection

It is recommended that students have a tetanus injection prior to starting at college due to working in a land-based environment with animals, materials and plant matter.

Facility fee

The facility fee of £120 is only payable by the Home Educated students who are enrolled to study with us for three days or more.


All courses have a qualification attached. The expectation is that all students who are offered a place to study with us will be able to work to the academic level required to complete all work to the required standard. The awarding bodies are BTEC and City & Guilds and all courses are offered at Level 1 except Sport which is offered at Level 2.

The Science and PSHE courses are portfolio based and offered at Level 1 with a Certificate gained in year 1 and Diploma or Extended Certificate in year 2.

For English and maths all students starting with us will be put on a functional skills qualification. They will have the opportunity to be fast tracked to sit and pass this if assessed as working at the required standard. GCSE exams will only be sat in year 2 at age 15 in line with schools exam process. 

Laptop access

As there will be remote delivery in place at the beginning of the year it is expected that all students will have access to a computer, laptop or tablet at home to study and complete work. Due to the COVID-19 situation there will be no access to computer facilities on site in September.  

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