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Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 19th July 2021, please see below clarification on how Plumpton College will apply the new guidance issued at all college sites (including our Stanmer campus).

We recognise there are changes within social distancing expectations and to this end we will:

  • Revert back to normal classroom layouts, which allows more freedom to adopt different classroom layouts depending on the lesson requirements.
  • Use each seat on all buses (college coaches and minibuses)
  • Revert to pre-Covid capacities for office spaces and communal spaces such as the common room, staff room, dining room, reception and toilets
  • Remove one-way systems and no entry points
  • Continue to promote ‘hands-face-space-fresh air’ across the college
  • Allow teaching staff to move more freely around the classroom whilst teaching

Hygiene and ventilation remain important control measures and we will:

  • Retain hand sanitizers at all building entry points
  • Continue high contact cleaning service
  • Promote ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ across the college
  • Maintain end of lesson clean-up procedures
  • Continue to ensure that windows are open to promote air flow
  • Avoid using spaces where ventilation is assessed as inadequate

Despite the removal of legislation, Plumpton College recognises the importance of face coverings and as such we will:

  • Continue to make face coverings freely available for any site user
  • Not require face coverings to be worn whilst seated in lessons
  • Recommend that face coverings are worn by students when using college transport
  • Recommend that face coverings are worn by all people in communal and confined spaces
  • Lead by example in strongly encouraging staff to wear face coverings

We will build upon our previous successful testing regime and commit to facilitating:

  • Students being able to undertake 2 Lateral Flow Tests onsite at the start of the academic year; followed by two tests per week at home
  • Staff being able to undertake two tests at home per week

The above measures represent the Plumpton College’s position in light of guidance as of 19/07/21. We will continue to respond to new guidance, and risk assess local conditions, to provide a safe learning and working environment.

Student Induction

Find out more on your student induction here. Including your personal decloration to remain covid-19 secure, informative videos for your learning resources, virtual tours and more. 

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