Frequently asked questions by students

Frequently asked questions arising from the parent and student webinar held on Wednesday 24th June 7pm with Principal, Jeremy Kerswell, and the Senior Management Team have now been uploaded and cover the following areas. 

  • Timetables
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Finance
  • Grades and Admissions
  • Residency
  • Travel
  • Student Support and Teaching at College
  • Student Work Experience

For any further queries, please contact our enquiries team.


What time do we need to be in college?

The college day runs from 9:15am to 4:15 pm

When does term start?

Teaching will commence on the 7th September. Your timetable will reflect what days you are required into college. 

The days of the week for your normal weekly timetable will be sent out to you on Wednesday 2nd September and clearly set out your college days and your virtual learning day. This is the schedule you will follow throughout the year starting in the week commencing 14th September.

Do you have a start date yet for students who will be living on site?

You will shortly be hearing from us about your offer of accommodation , once you have confirmed your place with us you will be allocated a moving in day of either Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th of September. 


Where can we find what equipment we need?

All students would of received an equipment list with their offer. You can find a copy of this below and it has listed the equipment you need for each department.

Download here

Please visit to purchase. 

Can we purchase this now?

Yes you are able to start purchasing your uniform for September now. 


Do any electrical items we bring e.g. hair dryers have to be PAT tested?

Once we have our residents in and settled we proved a PAT testing service on sight. We will notify you when this is taking place and ask you to leave any electrical items clearly on show so our contractor can test the items . A small charge may be incurred for this service.

Do the washing machine/tumble dryers take coins or do we buy tokens/cards to be able to use them?

We have a newly refurbished laundry room on campus that operates on a top up card system. When you join us you will be given a laundry card and instructions of how to top it up and use. 

Do you have a start date yet for students who will be living on site?

You will shortly be hearing from us about your offer of accommodation, once you have confirmed your place with us you will be allocated a moving in day of either Saturday 5th or Sunday 6th of September. 

Do I need to book accommodation for routines?

Your routines accommodation is booked internally through your subject area and student services so at this stage, no you don’t need to book. You will have plenty of time to settle in to your course before routines starts.

When do we find out if we have a place for accommodation?

We are still accepting final applications at the moment but you will receive your offer by mid-July.

Can you please tell us how accommodation will be allocated?

We allocate our rooms according to age and gender.

Will there be less enrichment opportunities in September due to Covid 19 and how will social distancing affect students in accommodation?

Please take a look at our resicency page here, where we talk about student enrichment and experience for residency students.

Can students go home at the weekend and will this affect their attendance?

Yes absolutely, we encourage students to visit home at the weekends and as long as you return for your next schedule lesson your attendance will not be affected.

UPDATED Travel Questions Answered

Will students have to wear face masks on the bus?

Yes , face coverings will be mandatory on our bus network as it is on all public transport. (Face coverings does not mean medical grade masks).

When will tickets be available and how do we purchase them?

Tickets will be live from Wednesday 2nd September at 9am until Saturday 5th September at 12am.

We have changed the scheduled date to ensure students have enrolled and know their days on campus. Students will have received their allocated onsite days by these dates, so will know which days of the week they need to purchase bus tickets for.

We need to implement a cut-off date to ensure we have the right number of seats available for our students on each route. After this date we are afraid we cannot guarantee you a place.

You can contact us to enquire about availability after 5th September and should there be space you will be able to purchase your ticket. We ask that you collect your bus ticket from us before your first journey.

Week commencing 7th September is your induction week and  buses will be running throughout the week . Your induction days may differ from your normal timetable but you can still use the bus service on the days you are required to be on campus making sure you collect your bus ticket for the following week during your induction days.

Any student without a bus ticket from Monday 14th September will be denied travel.

A link to tickets, timetables and information is available at

  • Tickets will only be sold on a termly basis. No daily or ad hoc tickets will be available.
  • If you have received a bursary you will need your student number to use as your discount code.
  • Those student still awaiting their bursary confirmation must contact student services to arrange their travel. You must have sent in the application.
  • Bus tickets will be in the form of a card, which providing you have purchased your ticket between 2nd – 5th September will be available for you to collect during your induction week.
  • Your charging zone can be found in the left-hand column on the bus timetables.

Further questions about tickets answered here...

What if I don’t receive my bus ticket in the post?

Please contact student services as soon as possible.

What if my timetable changes after I book?

Please come and speak to us in student services, providing there is space we can change the day for you.

What if I can not purchase my ticket online?

If you are unable to purchase your ticket on the internet then please contact student services to make other arrangements.

What if I miss my bus?

Unfortunately, if you miss your bus due to you being late you will need to make alternative arrangements.

What if my bus is running late and I am late for college?

We have live tracking information on all of the buses; therefore, if a bus is going to be late we will ensure all members of staff are informed.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any tickets.

Will I be able to track my bus?

An app will be available for you to track your bus, details of this will be emailed to you after you purchase your bus ticket. Should you have any issues with the app please contact Kura.

Student Services Email -

Further ticket information, including timetables, zones and prices can be found here.

Where can I find out the bus routes?

View our most up to date route map here - 

Bus Route Map

View the most up to date timetables here - 

Am Timetable

Pm Timetable 

What social distancing measures have been put in place?

Due to changes in government guidelines we will now be operating at full capacity. Students will still be expected to wear face coverings while travelling and a queueing system will be in place at the end of the day while waiting for the buses. As always the buses remain only for Plumpton college students.

Download the guide from our transport company here.

Will students get help knowing which bus to get on when they start?

Yes, our student services team and bus operators will be available for any help required.

What happens if I am unable to pick my child up can they get on the bus on the way home, how does this work?

We cannot guarantee places on the transport system that have not been booked in advance, however, if there is availability on the day we will endeavour to make that arrangement for you. Please note this cannot be guaranteed and should be a one off course of action.

Are there limited places on the bus?

Due to changes in government guidelines we will now be operating at full capacity. Students will still be expected to wear face coverings while travelling and a queueing system will be in place at the end of the day while waiting for the buses. As always the buses remain only for Plumpton college students.

Our aim is to be able to facilitate all students who require transport.

Will students need to show anything to travel?

Not during week commencing 7th September.

However, from Monday 14th September on every journey you must have your student ID card and your ticket or you may be denied travel.

Your student ID alone does not prove you have paid.

Student Support and Teaching at College

Will I have to wear a face mask at college?

Face coverings are to be worn in all enclosed common areas and by all staff and students. We feel that this is the right approach to take from the offset.

Just to be clear, common areas are places like; 

  • The corridors,
  • Queues for food in the canteen,
  • The toilets,  
  • On minibuses and on the buses that bring you to the College 
  • Or any enclosed space where social distancing can’t be maintained.

This will mean that you will need to wear a face covering when entering the college buildings and that’s why we are asking you to check you have it before you leave home and that you have one on your person ready to use at all times. If you lose it or if it breaks we will have a small stock of coverings that you will be able to purchase.

Will there be transition days?

Transition days are for students with an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) only for whom it would be beneficial to come into college.

Student Work Experience

Do work experience forms have to be completed before the enrolment date?

No.  Although, we would appreciate having Work Experience Agreement Forms back as soon as possible so that we can contact employers and get Health and Safety visits done. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t obtained the Employer’s signature on the form as we can get this signed when we complete our checks with the employer. We would rather receive the information early.  Forms can be emailed or scanned back to us at and

If you cannot find work placement is there any support to find it? Do we have to find our own work experience?

We ‘encourage’  all students to find your own work experience but if you are struggling to find a placement, please email the Work Experience Office on and

When we return to college it will be possible to make an appointment with the Work Experience Team and they will help you find an employer. 

We try to have an Open Door policy. 

Do we need our work placement ideas before September?

No.  It’s not compulsory for you to start placements in September, as long as you complete the compulsory number of work experience hours required for your course during the academic year. 

For most courses, this is 180 hours.  (Although, should someone be keen to undertake an ‘Industry Placement’ this requires an additional 315/350 hours, in addition to their 180 hours of work experience, and can be started on 1st August). 

You should record your hours on the work experience record sheet  - find a copy here, and get it signed off by your employer as proof of attendance.

What advice do you have about finding work experience at this difficult time?

"I am concerned that employers are limited to the number of staff working due to social distancing and maybe reluctant to have work placement students."

In the Work Experience Office, we’re finding it a very mixed picture.  Most agricultural employers, for example, seem keen to have students due to the lack of overseas workers, and some charitable organisations seem to think they will need more work experience students and volunteers as their lack of income may result in having fewer staff, however some metalworking factories feel they can’t justify having students when most of their staff have been furloughed. 

Our advice would be to speak with potential employers and, if needs be, ask them to consider start dates later in the year. Again, it’s not compulsory to start in September and, generally, employers seem to be hoping the situation might be better come January. 

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