What are the accepted file formats for uploading documents?

We can accept electronic copies of documents in the following formats:


You can upload one file for each requested document and each document must be no larger than 2mb. 

Naming tips 

When naming your files to be attached to an online application only use numbers 0–9 and letters A–Z (upper and lower case), dashes ‘–’ and underscores ‘_’.

You must avoid using spaces ‘ ‘, periods ‘.’, ampersand ‘&’, hash ‘#’, star ‘*’, exclamation marks ‘!’, quotations ” “” and any other character that is not a letter, a number, a dash or an underscore.

How do I upload my documents?

  1. Select ‘Choose Files’ to find the file to be uploaded.
  2. Look through your file directory to locate the correct document.
  3. Click the item.
  4. To select multiple items: press and hold the Command key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows), then click the items.
  5. Click ‘Open’. Your file(s) will now display on the form and will be uploaded when you click 'Submit'. 

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