Full-time Experienced Horticulturist Gardener and Team Leader

  • Company: The Lady Gardener
  • Closing Date: 14-05-2021
  • Location: Brighton and Surrounding Areas
  • Salary: £11-15/hour depending on experience
  • Contact Email: julia.theladygardener@gmail.com


We are looking for experienced, qualified, strong, confident, careful, honest, conscientious, positive and enthusiastic gardeners to join the team.




    • Minimum of 3 years of experience working as a horticulturist gardener or permaculturist


    • Excellent plant identification and in-depth plant knowledge (must be both horticultural, and wild foraging/medicinal plants)


    • Excellent pruning technique (roses, fruit trees, and all other shrubs)


    • Excellent understanding of which plants are most suitable for what conditions (soil type, sun exposure, aspect, etc.). Able to suggest suitable plants to clients ‘on demand’ for areas of their garden.


    • Background permaculture knowledge


    • Passion for sustainability/organic methods/chemical-free gardening


    • Experience with decorative gardens and with vegetable, edible, medicinal and native species wildlife-friendly gardens.


    • Be self-employed, preferably with your own liability insurance


    • Have a driving licence


    • Have a vehicle that can fit large tools such as a big mower (preferably a van)


    • Have a safe, dry and secure space at home/garage/workshop to store tools


    • Be self-motivated, ready to take on projects and gardens like they’re your own


    • Be good at leading and managing teams: You will be in charge of at least one other gardener, to big teams on some days.


    • Good time management: Punctuality is important, as is sticking to the daily schedule.


    • Have a good work ethic, be hard-working.


    • Be easy to get along with, with good people skills. We work in teams and we want to get along well with each other, the social aspect is important for us.


    • Good attention to detail, with an artistic eye for plant placement for planting projects


    • Be experienced with power tools (hedge trimmer, strimmer, mower, leaf blower)


    • Be tough and in tip top physical form: We work in all weathers, in the frost, beating sun, rain, hail, you name it! And we have to lift lots of heavy objects, this job can be tough on the back.


    • Be Flexible: Work can be very irregular. Sometimes it could be a full intense week or month, other times (like over winter) there won’t be work for a month or two. The schedule can change very last minute, you must be ok with this and be able to change your schedule accordingly.



Please do not apply unless you:


    • Are available 4-5 days a week


    • Have a driving licence and a large enough vehicle for tools


    • Have a safe storage space for tools at home


    • Are extremely experienced with in-depth horticultural knowledge


  • Are self-employed



To apply for the job, please send in a cover letter, CV, 3 references, and some photos of gardens that you’ve tended to. Please also outline your availability (when you’re available to start) and what you feel your limitations could be with regards to filling this role.

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