Ag Tech Field Technician

  • Company: Bx
  • Closing Date: 30-06-2021
  • Location: Kent
  • Salary: £23,000
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AgTech Field Technician – Orchard Digitisation.

We’re Bx. We’re an ambitious climate tech company fusing technology with nature to transform how we grow – as food providers (or producers), as a society and as people. Bx is a technology company focused on harnessing the power of agriculture to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and lock it into the soils, our goal is to provide the tools and incentivise growers to contribute 1% (500,000,000 t) of the global target of carbon capture . We have access to over 800 ha of commercial fruit growing land via our sister company,  Bardsley England. This is our “Laboratory” where we can trial and test our ideas which we will then roll out to growers around the world.


What is Orchard Digitisation ?

An orchard is a system whose outputs are yield, high quality fruit and sequestered carbon; some of the inputs are climate, environmental conditions and growing practices. The Orchard Digitisation program is trying to figure out the best ways to capture data to record system inputs and carry out trials to improve the outputs. We carry out experiments and trials of practices and equipment for Bx Technologies, and Bardsley England, ensuring that data and learnings are captured and fed into our Orchard Digital Twins and AI models. Through this process we trial and identify emerging digitisation technologies and suppliers from the Agtech domain.

Job Description

We are looking for someone motivated and adaptable, with a passion for data and technology. Someone who wants to use their time and skills to make a difference to the world and create real impact. This is an opportunity to join an exciting new team focussed on transforming agriculture and the environment. Your time as a Field Technician will predominately be based in the Field, so if you like getting hands-on and being outdoors this could be the ideal role for you. You will get to work with the latest Digital Agriculture technologies and carry out sampling to gather results for field trials, testing Agtech equipment and Regenerative farming practices; whilst gaining a great understanding of commercial agriculture and AgTech businesses. You will be on the front line of Agtech, helping to accelerate adoption on farm. You will assist with all areas of field trials, this could include, taking soil samples, flying drones or driving ATV’s to capture crop images to feed into machine learning tools or counting and sizing apples with digital calipers. You will have time dedicated to data analysis and generating insights, with mentoring and support for your development in this area



Responsible for the upkeep and implementation of field based AgTech solutions, and manual sampling for field trials,  focused on data collection and monitoring of farming operations.

Ensuring the quality of digital data collection and optimising processes. This includes:

·  Installing, managing and maintaining the Agtech solutions in field

·  Regular ground truthing and analogue data collection, this will include soil sampling, yield estimation, pest & disease quantification to help improve internal models.

·  Ensuring data quality and achieving >95% uptime of sensors and data collection devices is achieved.

·  Creating dashboards in monitoring software, conducting analysis and writing reports.

·  Converting manual data collection into digital formats for records, analysis and modelling.

·  Making observations and forming an opinion and aiding with product development of Agtech solutions used to support decision making going forward.

·  Liaise with current technology partners to ensure the business is kept on top of all new developments and updates.

·  Researching the market  latest technology developments to help the team achieve their vision.

·  Conduct data analysis, working with data scientists and independently to generate insights from data collected in field and through business operations.

·  There is a strong element of travel between our orchards, any potential candidate must have transport to travel all around Kent and be prepared to do a lot of driving.



The ideal candidate will have:

·  A keen desire to be hands on and have a sense of curiosity.

·  It’s possible that you will have a Degree or similar in a numerate field with an interest in agriculture/AgTech OR Degree/Masters in an agricultural/horticultural field with an interest in data and technology. But more importantly you will demonstrate masses of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and become a subject matter expert in Agtech, digitisation and regenerative horticulture.

·  Experience or qualifications in horticulture, specifically in the are of regenerative growing practices.

·  Aptitude for working with tools and experience of installing and maintaining IoT devices.

·  Strong written and communication skills, we like our team members to be proud of their work and to share their enthusiasm, knowledge and learning on social media.

·  Valid UK driver’s license



The following would be desirable but not essential, These are skills that can be developed in role and offer a path to career progression.

·  Understanding of the scientific method and ability to apply it to controlled and rigorous field trials.

·  Experience with agricultural monitoring hardware and software.

·  Experience of field trials including experimental design and analysing results.

·  Demonstrable knowledge of a range of statistical techniques, any experience with databases and manipulation and data visualisation.

·  Knowledge and experience of operating drones and ATV’s

We are looking for a proactive, motivated, friendly, candidate, who will enjoy working with a close-knit team, but be able to work independently and confidently when alone. You’ll have the potential to progress within the company and learn new skills along the way. Commitment, enthusiasm and work ethic count for a lot with us, so if you’re excited by the chance to work towards changing the future of agricultural technology and the environment, we’d love to hear from you.

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