11 November 2020

Dear Student (cc Parent/Guardian)

In light of last Saturday’s announcement from the Government regarding the national lockdown, it very much remains the College’s intention, in keeping with those expectations of colleges and universities, to remain open to our students.

We continue to have every reason to believe that the measures we have had in place since the start of the year have been effective in providing a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff. The online delivery model has enabled us to significantly reduce the total number of students in college at any one time, and this in turn has allowed us to ensure that social distancing can be practised, alongside our expectations regarding additional measures such as the wearing of face coverings and the need for ventilation in all confined spaces.

As I have explained previously, our delivery model is designed to be able to adapt quickly in response to a change in circumstances either here at Plumpton or regionally and even nationally. At this stage, based on our data and those Government guidelines, we feel that there is no need to change any of those measures we currently have in place and therefore expect all of our student body to continue to attend in class and virtual lessons as planned.

There is a strong correlation between student attendance and success, which is why the College maintains such high expectations regarding student attendance both in college and at virtual lessons. This equally applies to all aspects of your study programme, from theory and practical lessons relating to your main qualification, as well as your English and maths lessons, which are just as important to your future employability.


Please do continue to work with us on an individual basis if you have any concerns at all about yours or your son/daughter’s studies or safety. Your initial point of contact should be your Personal Tutor or Progress Coach, who should by now have introduced themselves to you.

I have re-attached to this letter our simple flow chart which sets out the process you should follow if you or a member of your household display any of the Covid-19 symptoms. Please do contact the College as soon as you can in this situation and we will provide the necessary guidance to you throughout the next stages (if this falls on a weekend, please do not wait until the Monday morning to report matters). It is imperative that if this does apply at any point in the coming months, you seek to be tested as soon as possible and share the results with the College immediately upon receiving them. This then allows us to take the necessary swift action regarding other students or support you to return to college straight away.

If you are absent for whatever reason, please do make arrangements via your Personal Tutor or Progress Coach to access all of your lessons online.

Finally, I remain confident that the College will be able to remain open for the foreseeable future, but this does require all of us to ensure that we adhere to the measures we have in place across college for your safety. This includes whilst travelling on college transport, as well as public transport where it is now a legal requirement to wear a face covering. All parts of the College must also continue to be well ventilated, therefore it is important to note that windows will have to remain open, so please be mindful of the need to dress appropriately in the winter months.

I wish you all the best with your studies over the coming weeks.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Kerswell


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