20 August 2020

Dear Student (cc Parent/Guardian)

I hope you are all well and have been able to enjoy the summer.

As many of you will be very much aware from the media report over the past two weeks, there have been a lot of late changes made by the Government and Ofqual regarding the calculation of students’ grades for this summer.

I very much appreciate that the uncertainty during this time will have been distressing for many of you as you await your results, and felt it important to set out the current situation, as we know it, for you below:

  • Students who completed BTEC Level 3 qualifications

You should all now have received your grades last week, but I’m afraid that the recent Government decision regarding the process used by Ofqual has resulted in Ofqual announcing that they will be re-grading all Level 3 National qualifications. They will be removing Pearsons/BTEC calculated grades and allowing higher outcomes for the externally examined units, so that they are in line with those assessed by teachers. Please refer to the attached link for further information.

 Students who completed BTEC Level 1 and 2 qualifications

You would have of course been expecting to receive your results today (20th August) but in keeping with their decision regarding Level 3’s, BTEC have announced only last night, this would now be reviewed and where appropriate, re-graded.  They will be removing Pearsons/BTEC calculated grades and allowing higher outcomes for the externally examined units, so that they are in line with those assessed by teachers. Please refer to the attached link for further information.

  • Students who have completed City and Guilds/Gateway Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications

At the current time, City and Guilds have not set out any proposed changes to the timing at which student results will be released.  You should therefore expect to receive an email today confirming your results and we expect these to mirror the Centre Assessed Grades that the staff have submitted, based on your assessment performance up until lockdown, as these will now form the basis of the final grade you will be awarded.

  • Students who have completed GCSE English and Maths

Further to the Government’s announcement regarding Ofqual’s moderation system last week, GCSE grades have already been adjusted by the relevant awarding bodies, to reflect the Centre Assessed Grades that staff at college submitted over the summer.  All of you should therefore expect to receive an email with your results this morning.

  • Students who are returning to college on the second/third year of their programme

As I currently understand it, the Centre Assessed Grades calculated by your teaching staff for the units you studied last year, will still be logged by the awarding bodies and all of your work in this current academic year combined with those grades next summer to inform your overall qualification grade.

Despite this incredible and unprecedented situation, the decisions made by the Government have been done with the best interests of students at heart and therefore Ofqual and the awarding bodies have confirmed that irrespective of your qualification and when you do receive your grade, it will not go down based on the College Assessed Grade (CAG) submitted over the summer.  I can also assure you that all teaching staff here took a lot of time and care to ensure your CAGs were calculated fairly and as a reflection based on your performance in the first half of the year. 

If you are unhappy with the grade you receive, please contact my PA at tanya.mehmet@plumpton.ac.uk to log this and as soon as we are aware of any appeal procedure, we will of course support you to follow this.

I hope and expect that for the vast majority of you, if not all, feel that your grade is fair and most importantly it enables you to progress onto the next level of your studies.

I am pleased that so many of you are returning to college to study another course with us in this new academic year.  All of you will receive an email today from our Student Records Team asking you to complete the online enrolment process for your new course.  If you have any queries at all about this process, please contact our Enquiries, Advice and Guidance (EAG) team on 01273 890 454

Once you have completed your online enrolment (by 26th August), you will be sent details of the days you will be in college and other important information which will enable you to buy your bus tickets, access induction material and begin preparing to study with us.  All courses will begin delivery during the week commencing 7th September and as per my earlier correspondence and the information on our website, all students will have full days studying at Plumpton and at least one day studying online.  This will be set out clearly in the information sent to you next week, once you have enrolled.

If you are a continuing student on the same programme (e.g. second/third year of a Level 3), you have automatically been re-enrolled so do not need to go through the online process. You will instead be sent details next week as set out above regarding your days of the week and starting back in the week of 7th September.

I can assure you all that we are confident in the delivery plans we have in place for your courses and that we will be able to welcome you back here to learn in a safe and secure environment.

If any of you have any queries at all about your results or returning to college in September, please do not hesitate to contact our EAG team or me directly at jeremy.kerswell@plumpton.ac.uk.

With very best wishes

Jeremy Kerswell


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