Tuition Fees

A Tuition Fee Loan covers the cost of the Plumpton College fees. The Tuition Fee Loan has to be paid back but not until you’ve finished or left your course and your income is over the repayment threshold. Annual tuition fees for UK and EU citizens for academic year 18/19 are £8,000.


You’ll be eligible for student finance if all of the following apply:

  • you’re a UK national or have settled status (this means you have no restrictions on how long you can stay in the UK)
  • you normally live in England
  • you’ve been living in the UK for at least 3 years before the first day of the first academic year of your course

You might still be able to apply if you’re:

  • an EU national, or a relative of one
  • a refugee, or a relative of one
  • under Humanitarian Protection, or a relative of someone under Humanitarian Protection
  • under 18 and have lived in the UK for at least 7 years
  • 18 or over and have lived in the UK for at least 20 years or at least half your life
  • an EEA/Swiss migrant worker, or a relative of one
  • the child of a Swiss national
  • the child of a Turkish worker
  • a stateless person (including family members)

You need to register at Plumpton before Student Finance England can make your first payment. You’ll usually do this in the first week of your course and you may have to take along your Student Finance Entitlement letter.

Your Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to Plumpton College in three instalments during the academic year.

When Tuition Fee Loan payment is made to your university or collegeHow much of your Tuition Fee Loan is paid to your university or college
At the start of term 125% of the tuition fee
At the start of term 225% of the tuition fee
At the start of term 350% of the tuition fee

How to apply

New Students

The quickest and easiest way to apply is online at www.gov.uk/studentfinance as soon as the application service opens.

1. Set up a student finance account

When you register you’ll be given a unique Customer Reference Number and be asked to create a password and secret answer. You should keep these safe as you’ll need them to log into your account to check the progress of your application and reapply for student finance next year.

2. Fill in and submit your application

The first time you apply you’ll be asked for proof of identity. You can easily do this by giving Student Finance England your valid UK passport details. If you don’t have a UK passport, you may have to send evidence.

If you want to apply for student finance that depends on your household income, your parents or partner will be asked for their National Insurance number and their personal income details.

3. Send any required evidence

Student Finance England may contact you, or your parents/partner to ask for evidence to support your application.

If you’ve had no contact with your parents for over a year, you might be able to apply as an ‘independent student’.

Continuing students

To reapply for student finance, log into your student finance account and apply online as soon as the application service opens.

If you’re applying for the first time, you can do this online at www.gov.uk/studentfinance.


If you’re starting a full-time or part-time taught or research Master’s course in 2018/19, you could get a Postgraduate Master’s Loan. This loan is to help with your course and living costs while you’re studying and has to be paid back. The amount you can get doesn’t depend on your household income.

You can apply for a Postgraduate Master’s Loan of up to £10,609 as a contribution towards your course and living costs. Your loan payments will be spread out across all the academic years of your course. For example, if you apply for the maximum loan amount (£10,609) and are studying over two years, then your payments would be £5,304.50 in each academic year. The loan is then paid in three instalments throughout the academic year.

You’ll have to repay any Postgraduate Master’s Loan you borrow.

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

Higher Education (HE) students can apply for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) to cover some of the support costs as a result of a learning difficulty, disability, mental health problem or long-term illness. 

Please refer to the government website for more information. Additionally, have a look at our HE Student Support page for support available to HE students at Plumpton College.

Erasmus+ Master Loan

The Erasmus+ Master Loan is now available in France, Spain and the UK. The scheme aims to give graduates access to more affordable loans to study for a Masters degree in another country.

What is the Master Loan?

The loan is to help Master's students with their living and tuition costs when studying in a different country from their country of residence. The terms of the loan are designed to make repayment easier, including:

  • no need to provide collateral when applying for the loan;
  • an interest rate lower than the market rate;
  • a ‘grace period' of up to one year before repayments begin;
  • a further 'payment holiday' of up to one year.

In the UK, the Erasmus+ master loan is offered through Future Finance for students from the UK taking their Masters degree in one of the 33 Erasmus+ Programme countries or for students from these countries moving to the UK to study for their Masters. Applications or enquiries must be made directly to FFLC

See the Erasmus+ site for full information and eligibility criteria.

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