Bakery & Pastry Chef Apprentice

  • Company: Real Patisserie Bread
  • Location: Brighton
  • Salary: £180 per week
  • Contact Email:


Your gain experience in one or more of the following sections: Wholesale bread production, Wholesale pastry production, Shop pastry production, Shop patisserie production. Which sections you work will be determined by your centres of interest and the needs of the business during the time you are here.

Real Patisserie makes all its products from scratch meaning using traditional methods and with respect for time. We are are hoping to introduce this noble trade to someone who is naturally attracted to it.

Because of the nature of the work we do and our pursuit of the highest possible quality our operations do involve working early mornings/evenings/weekends some of the time depending on which section you are working.

Jobs that you do will depend on your centres of interest and your level of competence but will include some or all of:

  • Bread: Weighing, mixing, dividing, hand moulding, proving, baking
  • Pastry: Weighing, mixing, dividing, laminating, hand moulding, cutting, rolling, proving, baking, finishing
  • Patisserie: Weighing and mixing pastes and creams, lining, filling, piping, proving, baking, glazing, finishing
  • You will also be helping to keep things clean and ordered

We are a company that expects its staff to be respectful of each other, the products it produces and our customers. It is important therefore that applicants are able to behave respectfully.

Possible start date: 22 Sep 2019

For further information and to apply, please visit the NAS website;

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