Woodland assistant

  • Company: Huntley Estate
  • Location: May Hill, Gloucestershire
  • Salary: 16,000
  • Contact Email: adam.pickles@rfs.org.uk


Thanks to the support of the Royal Forestry Society, Huntley estate is hiring!!

Under RFS's Forestry roots program, we have qualified for funding to employ a woodland assistant for a 12 month full time post, in which a forestry, arboriculture or environmental management/ ecology college graduate will be mentored on the many varied aspects of woodland management.

In this position, a graduate will gain a wealth of experience working alongside the Woodland Grounds Manager. They will perform woodland management tasks such as coppicing, felling, plantation maintenance, fencing, pest control and receive extensive on the job training and up to 20 days fully funded Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to obtain additional professional qualifications to reach the required level for their RFS Certification in Forestry.

This will be an exciting time to be involved as Huntley estate is diversifying into a more combined and integrated silvicultural/ ecological and recreational foci, and the woodland assistant position (starting September 2019) would have the opportunity to be involved in all of this activity, as well as the traditional aspects of woodland estate management.The job description can be found here: https://rfs.org.uk/media/590892/woodland-assistant-huntley.pdf, and deadline for applications is 5 July.

Check out this video for some information about the program:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-uNYPD9aXQ


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