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Course description

The aims of the course are to provide a good level of knowledge and understanding of vine growing (viticulture) to those who wish to start growing grapes, work in a vineyard, enter the wine trade or who have a strong interest in the world of wine.

During this course, vinegrowing theory is introduced in the morning classroom sessions, then put into practice during the afternoon sessions in the nearby College vineyard.  


This seven day course follows the vinegrowing calendar and allows a good understanding of vineyard activities over an eight month period.

Each day can be booked an an individual course or you are able to book on to the full seven course dates.

Day 1: Monday 20th November 2017- Evaluate and improve vineyard sites.

Course code: WNP010/001

Day 2: Monday 8th January 2018- Select vine varietals and carry out winter pruning.

Course Code: WNP010/002

Day 3: Monday 19th February 2018- Propagate vines and manage their nutrition.

Course Code: WNP010/003

Day 4: Monday 19th March 2018- Plant and trellis vines.

Course code: WNP010/004

Day 5: Monday 23rd April 2018- Apply pesticides and manage wild plants in the vineyard.

Course code: WNP010/005

Day 6: Monday 21st May 2018- Manage vineyard pests.

Course code: WNP010/006

Day 7: Monday 18th June 2018- Manage vineyard canopies.

Course code: WNP010/007

The theory sessions for this course will delivered in the mornings at Plumpton College Wine Centre, and the practical session in the afternoons at Rock Lodge vineyards, which are situated near Scaynes Hill, 8 miles north of Plumpton College.

Entry Requirements:

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in vinegrowing.

Dates & Location:

Start Date: Monday 20th November

(For all dates, please see above)

Time: 09.15- 16.15

Location: Plumpton


1 Day Session on Monday


£135.00 per day session

The principles of vine growing was a hugely worthwhile course for me to do.

When completing my WSET Diploma I gained a lot of theoretical knowledge of vinfication and viticulture. I wanted to increase my practical knowledge of both of these, this led to working a vintage in Australia to help with my winemaking. However, rather than spend a year working in a vineyard I did the next best thing and saved a lot of time by taking the Plumpton course.

The course is a good split of theory and practical, the theory revised and supplemented what I learnt at Diploma but the practical side was all new to me and hugely valuable. There is no way other way to see how theory fits into practicality without actually stepping into the vineyard! It has been incredibly beneficial in my current study in year one MW. The vast majority of students however are doing the course in order to run their own vineyard and I really think this is a great way of preparing people to do this.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this course to anyone interested in learning more about growing grapes.

Mike Best

WSET Business Development Manager


  • Studying at Plumpton gives you the chance to enjoy time at the heart of the South East of England’s wine production industry.
  • We’ve got 10 hectares of vineyards producing 40,000 bottles of award-winning still and sparkling wines each year at Plumpton.
  • We’ve also got a purpose-built Plumpton Wine Centre which includes a commercial winery, research winery, laboratories and a sensory evaluation room for you to experience.
  • Combined with our team of international expert lecturers, you’ll certainly gain an excellent all-round experience at Plumpton.

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