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The aims of this intensive and technical three day course are to provide a good level of knowledge and skills in traditional method sparkling winemaking to those who are making and selling sparkling wine.

Day one of the course will introduce the winemaking theory relating to the key winery operations: tirage, secondary fermentation, disgorging and dosage.

Day two focuses on the start of the secondary fermentation in greater detail, and will involve practical activity related to tirage, including the preparation of cultures and adjuvants. 

Day three will complete the range of operations specific to sparkling wine with practicals and demonstrations associated with disgorging and dosage.

Topics include: 
Day 1 (Theory)
Tirage and secondary fermentation
Maturation and lees aging
Riddling and disgorging

Day 2. (Practical)
Yeast culture preparation
Use of adjuvants
The bottling process

Day 3 (Practical)
Preparing liquer d'expedition
Dosage trials
Riddling - use of gyropalletes and pupitres
Disgorging process

The course ends with a 15-minute multiple-choice exam

Please do not delay your booking – to guarantee your place, please book 2 weeks in advance of course date

Entry Requirements:

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in the subject 

The session includes practical activity and requires students to bring:
• Good sturdy footwear such as Wellington boots
• Working clothes or overalls

Dates & Location:

15th April - 17th April 2020 

Plumpton College


3 Day Course

9.15 - 4.15


£465 Course Fee

£25 Materials Fee

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