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Course description

The aims of this one week intensive course are to introduce students to key analyses for grape juice and finished wine, and provide an opportunity to carry them out accurately and safely. This will enable those who wish to start making wine, or work in a winery, to gain a practical appreciation of juice and wine analysis requirements.

The course is based in the laboratory, and involves practical sessions covering basic juice and wine analyses. The practical is supported by by extensive online activity.


  • Chemistry related to winemaking and the measurement of key chemical components of wine.
  • Preparation of standard solutions, accurate measurements of liquids, titration, use of indicators, sample preparation by filtration & centrifugation. 
  • Laboratory health and safety. 
  • Basic analytical methods for wine and juice, including the measurement of density, pH, acidity, sulphur dioxide, alcohol, stability and microscopy.

The course ends with a 30-minute multiple-choice exam.

This course requires the students to carry out online work during the evenings.

Entry Requirements:

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in the subject.

The sessions include laboratory activities and requires students to wear fully enclosed footwear and to have long hair tied back.

Dates & Location:

8th April - 12th April 2019 

Time: 09.15 - 16.15

Location: Plumpton College


1 week intensive course



Plumpton College is a truly unique place to learn about wine. Spending time in the winery and being able to use the machinery really helps add another dimension to your understanding.

I enjoyed the Principles of Winemaking course. In the morning, in the classroom there's a lot of information for you to absorb and in the afternoon you're in the winery, rolling up your sleeves and getting mucky.

You quickly realise that the lecturers have a lot of experience. And learning in a small group makes it's really easy to ask questions.

There was an interesting mix of people with a wide variety of backgrounds. Some wanted to start learning about wine and others, like me, are in the wine trade ( independent retail, selling to supermarkets, UK's largest bottling factory ) and a few people wanted a new career in wine production. Everyone seemed to be learning and enjoying it.

Before taking the course i'd read books on winemaking but never felt like I understood it fully. Now I feel like I have a much better understanding. The course has managed to pull together all the pieces of the puzzle.”

 Gavin Dealville is General Manager for award winning independent wine merchant Handford Wines where he works alongside two Masters of Wine. Before that he managed Harvey Nichols Wine department in Knightsbridge. In his spare time he runs, a job noticeboard that advertises fine wine vacancies for free

Gavin Dealville

Principles of winemaking

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