WineSkills Vineyard Workshop

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This workshop will enable you to reliably forecast the yield in your vineyard at key stages of the year, so that you can avoid over-cropping, secure the right number of pickers, and plan the vintage in the winery. It will also explore bud dissection (as a tool for yield estimation) and practical management approaches that can be used to minimise season-to-season yield fluctuations.

• Theory of yield development in grapevines
• Theory and evaluation of approaches to yield forecasting
• Practical dissecting buds and interpreting the results
• Management approaches to reducing season-to-season fluctuations in yield

This workshop is suitable for all commercial vinegrowers.

Entry Requirements:

WineSkills vineyard workshops are best suited for people who have experience in a commercial vineyard

Dates & Location:

4th June 2019 

1 Day 
Plumpton College


1 Day 

10.00am - 4.15pm



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