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Course Description

Wine industry professionals need to be able to recognise key features of wine through organoleptic (smelling and tasting) assessment.

By the end of this session, you will be able to identify the role of each key sensory organ in the assessment in wine. Then, through a series of training exercises, you will develop a familiarity with key wine components including wine faults. By the end of the day you will be able to start objectively assessing the features of a wine so as to make decisions about wine quality. 

Course Content

  •  Basic anatomy and physiology of sensory organs
  • Training exercises that will evaluate intensity and quality of key wine components including: alcohol, acid, sugar, polyphenois/ tannin
  • Introduction to key wine faults including oxidation, volatile acidity, sulphides and aldehyde

Entry Requirements:

This course has no entry requirements but is useful for all members of the wine industry as well as people interested in improving their wine tasting ability.

Dates & Location:

Date: TBC

Time: 10:00- 16:15

Location: Plumpton College


1 day course




  • Studying at Plumpton gives you the chance to enjoy time at the heart of the South East of England’s wine production industry.
  • We’ve got 10 hectares of vineyards producing 40,000 bottles of award-winning still and sparkling wines each year at Plumpton.
  • We’ve also got a purpose-built Plumpton Wine Centre which includes a commercial winery, research winery, laboratories and a sensory evaluation room for you to experience.
  • Combined with our team of international expert lecturers, you’ll certainly gain an excellent all-round experience at Plumpton.

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