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For either current or intended, on-farm, table-bird poultry producers and employees on such units, and for those who may need to kill sick or injured birds.

Course outline

  • Principles of good welfare practices at the time of catching and restraint for stunning/killing
  • Principles of humane stunning and killing
  • Practical demonstration: Classroom demonstration on poultry models.
  • Demonstration of a handheld electrical stunner (with ammeter and voltmeter) and a cartridge-powered Cash Poultry Killer (mechanical percussive captive-bolt device), restraint cones and knives for bleeding after stunning

Course reference: AGP015

Entry Requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Dates & Location:

10th May 2017 Plumpton College at Flimwell

Woodland Enterprise Centre

This course runs on a Wednesday 10.00-17.00.


Come and discover our excellent agriculture facilities at Plumpton - set in the backdrop of the beautiful South Downs. You’ll find the latest state of the art equipment plus all the different types of farmland for you to experience here at Plumpton. 

  • Lots of space for you to work in

Our 780-hectare commercial farming estate gives you the opportunity to experience different livestock and arable farming.

  • The latest equipment for you to discover

We’ve got a modern 300 cow dairy unit complete with 36:36 Herringbone milking parlour where you’ll gain hands-on experience.

  • An extensive range of livestock for you to experience

You’ll get to work with our Sussex beef cattle, sow pig unit plus our extensively managed flock of 550 sheep.

  • The perfect environment for you to study

You’ll enjoy practical lessons where you’ll gain hands-on farming experience in our modern classrooms and farming sites.

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