Level 3 Award in Education & Training

What's involved?

The course is made up of three units and delivered through lectures, group activities, group discussions, and independent work.

Learners will also spend time planning their own 15 minute lesson called a ‘micro teach’.  The Micro Teach is a short lesson, demonstrating the skills needed to be a successful teacher.

This course is an introduction to teaching for those who are considering teaching learners over the age of 16.  There are no formal entry requirements.  It is suitable for people who are looking to start teaching for their first job or who are considering changing career. The course will equip you with the skills needed to confidently deliver an effective lesson to a group of learners, as well as providing you with the theory needed to get you started in teaching.

If you are unable to attend Plumpton College you can study via our distance learning option and only attend Plumpton College to deliver your micro teach lesson.


By the end of the course, all learners will be able to:

  • Prepare a lesson on a subject from their specialist area
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities associated with being a teacher
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a range of teaching strategies
  • Adapt assessment methods to meet the needs of learners

Why Plumpton?

Not only would you be studying in an idyllic location nestled within the South Downs, you would also have the opportunity to be taught by our expert worldly professional with a wealth of knowledge to support and guide you through the course. Ed has a bank of experience, from taking part in the Labour Party Conference - Teach Meet to being sent to Chicago where he focused on five schools in the South-East area, which suffered from the highest gun violence rates in the area, and looked at how they tackled gang culture, to which he then looked at the impact that could have on schools in the UK. 

Ed has travelled the world working for various conservation charities, giving him in-depth knowledge of the environment, culture and people around him. He is also an Accredited Facilitator of the Outstanding Teacher Programme and a Challenge Partner Reviewer, meaning he knows what it takes to be a successful educator in today’s climate. Finally, Ed is a qualified Mountain Leader and most importantly, likes dogs, so you know you will be in trusted and knowledgeable hands. 

Please contact  teachertraining@plumpton.ac.uk for further details. Or apply now using the links below:

Distance learning option

Study at Plumpton College

Entry Requirements:

The course has no formal entry requirements but applicants must be able to demonstrate good experience in a relevant subject area.

Dates & Location:

September & January starts


The course consists of 8 weeks of delivery followed by a practical assessment and an individual tutorial that will require further attendance at college.

Sessions run from 5:00pm - 7.30pm at the Plumpton College campus.


£295 based at Plumpton College or £225 distance learning option 

So I would just like to thank you and Ed for all your support - especially Ed, I am sure I drove him potty at times on the L4 course because it took me a very long time to grasp things the way others did. His patience with me was amazing. The course was a defining point for many reasons and importantly it gave me confidence to trust my own abilities.

Suzanne Russell

Lecturer, Plumpton College

I just wanted to say monstrous thank you for your time and patience while I have been completing my level 4, its not been easy and I often come across thoughts of doubt as to whether I could achieve this this year and with your help and perseverance “I DID IT”.

I thought it would feel great to finally receive your email but it didn’t, it was amazing!, I will go home not only proud of myself but having restored my confidence in the job I love doing. Sincere and much appreciated thank you to you!

Rosie Watts

Lecturer, Plumpton College

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