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This workshop explores Winter Pruning one the most critical and costly manual interventions in the vineyard, with important implications for vineyard health, vine longevity, yield and fruit composition and disease management.

This course is organised and taught in collaboration with the leading global pruning consultant firm Simonit&Sirch. You will trained in the theory and application of a holistic system embraced by some of the best vineyards in the world, with an approach tailored to the needs of UK vineyards.

Participants will be supplied with their own copy of the Simonit&Sirch pruning textbook translated into English.

Course Content & Aims:

  • To optimise the early management of young vines year 1 to full production stage.
  • To maintain and improving vineyards health and quality
  • To Optimise sap flow to dormant buds to improve budburst and early shoot growth
  • To decrease wound tissue in old wood and avoid deleterious consequences of large amounts of wound tissue
  • To reduce trunk disease and increase vine health and longevity and vineyard profitability

Please do not delay your booking – to guarantee your place, please book 2 weeks in advance of course date

Entry Requirements:

WineSkills viticulture masterclasses are best suited for people who have experience in a commercial vineyard.

Attendees have to provide themselves with appropriate clothing for working in the vineyard for the duration of the course, including secateurs (Felco 13 or similar), safety glasses, gloves and suitable attire for working outside.

For the practical training, attendees will need to organise their own transport to and from Plumpton College and to the nearby vineyards.

Dates & Location:

13th and 14th of January (Day 1 and 2) and 18th of May (Day 3).

Time: 9.15AM – 5:00PM

Location: Plumpton College and nearby vineyards


The course comprises 3 full days:

  1. 2 days in Winter: theory on the morning of day 1, followed by practical instruction in selected vineyards in the afternoon and for the following day.
  2. 1 day in Spring/Summer: shoot selection and thinning practical session.


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